Doing postnatal yoga keeps you in great physical shape, so that you’ll enjoy life with bubba to the fullest!

Going through labour and giving birth can really tax your body. After all you’ve fought off agonising labour contractions before delivering your bundle of joy.

While sleep deprivation, not to mention various aches and pains, will make you want to curl up in bed and sleep, doing simple exercises whenever you can, may boost your body’s healing abilities.

Postnatal yoga is a non-rigorous exercise that won’t require any expensive equipment. All you’ll need is just a yoga mat to prevent your hands and feet from slipping.

Besides doing wonders for your body, yoga improves your mental health, too. The breathing techniques you’ll learn in the routines will calm your mind, so that you’ll enjoy quality sleep.

The poses also enhance and strengthen the different muscles of your body. This will come in handy as you’ll need to push the stroller , as well as lift, carry, cradle and put bubba in the crib, for quite some time. Maintaining a strong posture will help you guard against nagging aches and pains. Here are great moves you can tackle…

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