8 secrets of mums who always seem to have it together

Some mums just seem to ace everything they do ― find out how they maintain their super-mum status!

Some mums just make many of us jealous. You know, those mums who manage to squeeze self-care and pampering, while caring for the kids, going to work and even more into 24 hours every day, while looking utterly polished.

Although we may roll our eyes at them, many of us secretly want to be like them. After all, who doesn’t want to somehow have sufficient time for family, work and facials?

That said, behind every “perfect mum” are lots of things the rest of us can’t see. Here are the highly-effective habits of super-mums that help them with their A game:

1. They don’t do it alone

These mothers don’t do everything on their own, which would be close to impossible! Many of these mums hire helpers or cleaners to help with the housework, so that they can focus on other duties. With this sorted, you can make time to pick up your kids, or even squeeze in some time for a manicure!

These mothers don’t do everything on their own… These mums hire helpers or cleaners to help with the housework, so that they can focus on other duties.

2. They don’t procrastinate

This is how they stay on top of tasks ― these women do what needs to be done as soon as they can. They don’t delay handling a task, which they risk completing if other obstacles get in the way.

3. They prioritise and focus more on some things

It’s pretty impossible to give everything your undivided attention, so prioritise ― decide what’s important and focus on those, rather than trying to keep up with every single task.


4. They only show the good stuff on social media

No one really puts their lows, or things they find uninteresting on social media! So, remember that these mums will only feature the highlights and better stuff on Instagram. For instance, when she had a perfect picture from her once-a-year vacation, when she got mani pedi, and so on. She sure isn’t going to post about her bad-hair day or when bubba spit up on her! So, comparing your daily life with her carefully curated feed isn’t a fair comparison at all!

5. They don’t always show it when they’re stressed

Just because they look put together on the outside doesn’t mean that they are holding up as well on the inside. Every mother has bad days, it’s just that the rest of us just can’t see it because they don’t complain! Super-mums simply conceal them better than other mums.

Every mother has bad days, it’s just that the rest of us just can’t see it because they don’t complain.

6. They are very organised

Staying organised helps these seemingly effective mums get more things done. Creating a to-do list, keeping a clean work and living space will all help you to feel more systematic and in control, and hence, less stressed out.

7. They know themselves well

Knowing their strengths and weaknesses helps them plan their schedules efficiently. For example, if you find it difficult to prepare breakfast in time for your kids in the morning, you can make it a point to prepare as much as you can the night before.

8. They have a hobby

Life is hectic, so, it’s always great to find solace in an activity you like. Whether it’s reading, art, or watching rom-coms, it’s good to set aside time just for yourself. Not only will this help you de-stress, this little break from the many tasks you need to complete daily will recharge you, so that you can keep soldiering on!

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