8 ways to protect your car from your kids

Safeguard your precious car from your messy kids ― follow these rules to ensure that your vehicle remains pristine.

Purchasing a car in Singapore is a huge investment, since you’ll need to fork out cash, not just for the vehicle itself, but also for the Certificate of Entitlement.

You’ll probably have paid more than $100,000 for your family’s ride, so it can be quite “painful” to see your munchkins mess it up.

Yup, we’re talking about crumb-covered seats, soiled tissues, pen marks on the upholstery, and muddy shoe prints behind the driver’s seat.

Since clutter and chaos come hand in hand with parenthood, it’s highly likely that your car won’t be spared. So, we’ve rounded up some great tips you can follow to keep your car in mint condition.

1. Limit sticky messes

Prevention is always better than the cure, so limit eating in the car. Of course, this would be near impossible if you’ve got a “hangry” tot in the car on a long road trip, so your best bet is to allow only “safe” foods in the vehicle. Instead of yoghurt, ice cream and greasy foods like fries, go for dry foods that are easy to vacuum ― try trail mixes, Cheerios and crackers. Says mum of two, Nora Ashikin, “Our favourite snacks for car rides are bite-sized fruit, like blueberries or grapes. And they definitely aren’t allowed to have juice or sweet drinks ― only water is allowed, so even if they spill it, it’s fine.”

Instead of yoghurt, ice cream and greasy foods like fries, go for dry foods that are easy to vacuum ― try trail mixes, Cheerios and crackers.

2. Create a clean up kit

Messes will happen, and you’d do well to be prepared for them. Besides food and drink messes, your peewee will probably try to exercise his creativity by drawing on your seats and pasting stickers on the windows. He’ll also forget to dust off his shoes before getting in, leaving lots of grime and dirt on the carpet.

So, do your research and put together a bunch of cleaning supplies that’ll keep your car in good condition. You’ll want to have wet wipes, fabric stain removers, and a lint roller. Another tip: Place five teaspoons of baking soda into a ziplock bag, along with five drops of essential oil. Mix it up, then sprinkle it onto your vehicle’s carpet. Leave for 10 minutes, then vacuum it up – your car will smell amazing!

3. Use cupcake liners

You know those cup holders in your car that always seem to be filled with knick-knacks, crumbs and whatnot? Then you’ll know how difficult they are to clean as well! One way to make clean up easier, is to place a silicon cupcake liner into each cup holder. That way, even if crumbs get into it, or if you spill juice into it, you aren’t left with a stick mess. Simply remove the cupcake liner, wash with soapy water and fit it back into the cup holder.