Celeb couple Tay Kewei and Alfred Sim: Giving birth is like skydiving!

SmartParents catches up with the Mandopop singer-songwriter couple about the ups and downs of life as new parents.


While she was determined to have a drug-free delivery, local singer-songwriter Tay Kewei opted for an epidural when her labour pains became unbearable.

This decision has left her feeling “so emo and guilty”, says the 35-year-old musician, who’s married to singer Alfred Sim, 37.

“I guess I felt like a failure in some way ― a terrible and unnecessary feeling, so I shared about it on social media and wish that other mums are aware of what I went through.”

Comparing her birthing experience to the act of skydiving, Kewei explains, “You hear so much about it but you just got to try it yourself to know what it’s like.”

“I thought I would be bored to bits during my confinement, so I got my Netflix subscription ready. But it turned out to be a rather busy period!”

The down-to-earth mum says that she had actually been scheduled to be induced as her baby was already 40 weeks and four days overdue. Kewei says, “My contractions came the night before but in the morning they became irregular again.”

So, instead of waiting for her labour to begin, the couple packed their bags and headed to the hospital.

Alfred states, “It was like a time bomb, our gynae told us [the delivery] could happen anytime in the evening. We were quite relaxed on the outside, but we were both super nervous as this was our first time!”


The certified sports masseur and track-and-field coach not only stayed by his wife’s side throughout her delivery, he even strapped a GoPro camera to his chest to film her entire birth.

You can view the clip on their YouTube channel that documents their journey from newlyweds to parents.

The end of 2017 saw big changes happening for the pair. Besides welcoming their now 7-month-old son, nicknamed “Momo”, they also moved into their new apartment, located in central part of Singapore.

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