Celeb mum Bong Qiu Qiu: Some days, I feel like a failure (as a mum)

Popular blogger Ang Chiew Ting gets candid about raising two young daughters and what she regrets most as a mum.


For years, Ang Chiew Ting, who is better known by her online moniker Bong Qiu Qiu, has been known for her lifestyle, fashion and beauty posts at www.bongqiuqiu.blogspot.sg.

With more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, her popularity also grew with her Web show Budget Barbie, where she shared thrifty shopping tips.

But since becoming mum to her 2-year-old cutie Meredith, her blog’s spotlight has turned to motherhood ― from pregnancy and parenting experiences, to baby products.

Married to photographer Joshua Tan, 45, Chiew Ting welcomed her second daughter, Amelia, in May this year. 

While Chiew Ting, 30, admits that she can’t blog as regularly now because parenting duties now take up most of her time, she admits that it’s still “something I enjoy a lot and I’d have to get back to because it made me so happy, just posting monthly updates about my daughters”.

The usually chirpy social media star gets serious when she talks about the darkest moments of her life ― she was recently embroiled in a lawsuit with social media advertising network ChurpChurp.

Chiew Ting was sued by ChurpChurp for allegedly undertaking commercial deals with brands without the network’s approval, and therefore breaching her contract with them.

She counter-sued, refuting their claims and stating that she was no longer under contract with the network. “Even now when I look back, it makes me feel slightly nauseous,” she admits.

In July this year, both parties finally agreed to settle the case by dropping all the legal proceedings made against one another.

She’s glad to put this stressful episode behind her now, as she focusses on the most important role of her life, as mum to her two sweeties.

Hi Chiew Ting! What’s life like now, as a mum of two?
It’s a whole new level of realisation that I can only try my best and do so much! Especially during the month where Meredith couldn’t go to school because she had stomach flu and vomited 12 times, then passed it to my husband and then me, and I had to take care of her, take care of myself and also take care of little Amelia. I had to do all this, and still had to work! Thank God for the help we’ve gotten from people around us. I didn’t think I’d survive but I did. LOL.


So, what are Meredith and Amelia like now? What are their personalities like? 
Meredith is a very sweet and loving big sister! She would go near Amelia, pass her the rattle or teether toys and then sayang her wispy hair… Haha. And if we give Amelia a too much attention, Meredith won’t protest in an aggressive way. Instead, she will pretend to find something to show us, or find some random questions to ask us about, to get the attention back. She’s very diplomatic like that. Amelia is the little boss of the house now because when she wants something, she wants it NOW. And there’s no bargaining with her. Honestly, I’m still a little scared of her, so I thank God for Josh, who is very hands on.

I constantly felt very emotional that my first precious bao bei will have to share my love with someone else.

How was your pregnancy with Amelia different from when you were pregnant with Meredith?
Pregnancy with Meredith was a breeze. I simply ate and slept, then repeat. On the other hand, during my pregnancy with Amelia, I was facing two lawsuits and it was quite a nightmare. I was working twice as hard to pay off the legal fees.

I think it all finally took a toll on my body and on the pregnancy. I was spotting a lot the first four months. It was very dramatic, and we had to cancel work flights a few hours before flying off, after my doctor told me I was not fit to fly because of the spotting. I was ordered to go on bed rest. With Meredith, everything was good and everything that was supposed to happen, happened. With Amelia everything that was not supposed to happen, happened.

Was it challenging being pregnant and having to manage a toddler?
Yes! Other than physically (I still played with Meredith a lot, I showered her myself, all the way until doctor told me to please, seriously, stop! Haha!), it was mentally very hard to balance. I constantly felt very emotional that my first precious bao bei will have to share my love with someone else. And every time I looked at her, I remember feeling so guilty. She’s just a baby, why did I have to make her a big sister so fast?

Well, now that you’ve got two girls, would you want a boy?
Actually, I would have loved my second baby to be a boy! Just to see how differently I could dress him up! Haha! And there’d be no direct competition of love, I feel. But now that it’s a girl, I still love it because they can both dress up together. And imagine all the heart-to-heart talks they’d have with each other… About friends, about boys, about school, about makeup and dressing up!

So, we take it there’s no sibling rivalry yet?
Meredith has never been aggressive, mean, rough, or done anything negative towards mei mei so far. I’m very impressed with her…and myself because I think I taught her well… Haha! In fact, if anyone said they want to take her mei mei away, she’d get very upset and even cry!