Celeb mum Jamie Yeo: For now, I just don't want my daughter to fail

We speak to the newly minted mum of two about her latest addition!

A familiar face and voice on TV and radio, deejay Jamie Yeo, 41, is a well-known figure to many Singaporeans. 

Married to Englishman Rupert, 40, a consultant in the risk management industry, Jamie delivered her second child, a baby boy named Luke, in August last year. She’s also mum to Alysia, 7.

Luke was born a little early at 35 weeks, and spent 3 weeks at the Singapore General Hospital, but well and healthy, he's at home.

We caught up with the scrummy mummy to find out just how motherhood has been treating her, this second time round!

Hi Jamie! Thanks for talking to us. How have you been, now that you’re a mum of two?
I’ve been good! I’ve been quite busy of course, just enjoying the time I had on maternity leave, to hang out with the kids!

Luke is now 4 months? How would you describe his personality?
Yes he’s around 4 months old now – I say around because he came 5 weeks early. The paediatricians would say to use the corrected age, which would be 2 and a half months. He has become quite an easy baby actually, in terms of sleeping and stuff like that. There’s something about his feeding – if he’s in discomfort, he might not want to drink, but usually he’s fine.

Luke is also very vocal! For example, if he is being fed formula, he knows the difference and he’ll make a noise! Obviously it tastes different compared to breastmilk. When he couldn’t see that clearly – cos their eyes aren’t so developed when their really young, he would whine more, because he wasn’t really engaged. Now that he sees better, he laughs and smiles a lot! But if he’s put too long in a rocker, he’ll certainly let you know. He’s got a fieriness about him, and quite a quick temper. He’ll go eaghh! Then, the moment you go, “Hi baby!”, he’ll smile at you. I think he’s like me, basically!

I was in hospital for pretty much a whole month before I gave birth.

So, he came at 35 weeks – how stressful was that for you? Was it a difficult pregnancy?
Well, my water bag started leaking pretty early – at 30 weeks and 6 days. Medical care in Singapore is such that when your water bag leaks, they put you in the hospital, because there’s a risk of infection. So, I was in hospital for pretty much a whole month before I gave birth. That was awful because it was just no fun waiting to go into labour.

They told me to at least hold on to 34 weeks, where I had the choice of whether or not to be induced. The risk of infection is not that high at this stage – about one in 100, but the point is that if you do get infected, it could be fatal. So, I was left thinking, should I or should I not induce, because you read all over the net – people whose water bag leak early, but they don’t deliver till close to 40 weeks. And obviously, it’s better for your baby to get bigger in your womb. I was in a dilemma.


What did your husband think?
Obviously Rupert left it to me, so I told him, since I’m at the hospital and they’re checking on me twice a day, and the baby’s heartbeat is getting taken twice a day as well, I’ll just hang in there till at least 35 weeks.

So, I told myself, okay, next Wednesday I’m going to get induced. By the way, everyone’s telling me that induction is painful and unnatural. But the night before I was going to be induced, I just went into labour naturally! So, I took it that I was destined to give birth on that day, and I’m glad that I held on till then, and I went into labour naturally.