Celeb mum Lina Ng: I don’t believe in sparing the rod

The mother of three tells us why she identifies with the mum she’s playing in her comeback role…


Lina Ng put her showbiz career on hold 13 years ago when she became a mum, but she is now back with a vengeance in her biggest role in more than a decade as the perfectionist mum, Chae Lian, in Mediacorp Channel 5’s Lion Mums 2.

Lina, 43, first came into the spotlight in 1993, when she came in second on Mediacorp Channel 8’s talent hunt Star Search. Known for her vivacious personality as a TV host and actress, she is married to Mike Lam, 47, who works as an administrator at Hwa Chong International.

Incidentally, the mum-of-three is also playing a mother of three in Lion Mums 2. Lina says that she wanted to challenge herself with her “first English-speaking drama role,” as it means that she’s growing as an artiste.

Taking on the challenge, she added, would let her be a good example to her three sons.

She animatedly chats about her little men ― her oldest, Jeriel, 13, is a sensitive and sensible boy. “He’s big-sized because he plays water polo ― but he’s tender at heart. He’s my body guard and I love giving him hugs!”

Her middle child, Joel, 11, is the tribe’s street smart and outspoken one. “If you’re conservative, you may even think he’s disrespectful or rude ― but he’s not. He’s just confident enough to share what he disagrees with,” she grins.

What do I do when I have a day off? I have to clean the whole house!”

Her youngest is Samuel, 6, a “happy-go-lucky fella”, who talks the most among the three brothers. She laughs, “He talks so much that we sometimes have to ask him to stop! He’s also Joel’s best friend and they play very well together.”

SmartParents caught up with Lina recently to find out how she’s been juggling family life and her new work schedule.


Hi Lina, how’s life these days?
Hi! I’m a full-time mum, so most of my time is with the children and with household chores! I still run a Chinese Enrichment programme, but I’ve scaled it down. We just service one school, Del-Care, now, as I didn’t want to overcommit myself. I don’t have a helper at home, so I handle everything on my own. What do I do when I have a day off? I have to clean the whole house!

Wow! What’s a typical day like then?
In the morning, when my husband sends Joel and Jeriel to school, I will walk Samuel to the childcare centre. I will then do my marketing, then have a little me-time and breakfast. After that, I come home and start on some chores, like drying the clothes, vacuuming the floor, and I will start to prepare the food that we’ll be having for dinner. Surprisingly, all this already takes up quite a few hours. Then of course, when the kids get back home, I will have to help the older boys get their homework done, making sure they do it before they can relax.