We’re not even talking about the reunion dinner — just the visiting will trash your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight.

CNY snacks calorie counter

Just keep in mind that a 70 kilo person would have to run half an hour to burn off 355kcal (aka calories). So with the promise of a half hour fast run (not a jog), you could eat…

3 MANDARIN ORANGES (rich in vitamin C and fibre)

3 handfuls of PEANUTS (about 20g per handful, high in monounsaturated fat — the less-healthy kind)

3/5 a serving of YUSHENG (about 250g) — you might want to give this a miss because of the Group B Strep infections

6 LOVE LETTERS (or kueh kapek or kuih belandah)

1 1/2 packets of SHRIMP ROLLS (45g per pack, high in sodium and saturated fat)

8 KUEH BANGKIT (packed with sugar and coconut milk)


1 1/2 slices of BAK KWA(also high in sodium and sugar and a “heaty" food in traditional Chinese medicine)

8 small slices of NIAN GAO (20g as is, not refried with batter)

And about that reunion dinner, just remember to order two or more veg dishes (not garnish, there has to be more leafy veg on the plate than sauce or meat), at least one fish dish, and pick off the skin from chicken. Wholegrains are more nutritious and taste nice and nutty, and fruit is a great way to end the meal…