Common household products you didn’t know have expiry dates [Infographic]

Foods aren’t the only thing in your home with a shelf life. Discover other products that have a use-by date.

Everyone take cares not to eat foods past their use-by date as they don’t want to get sick.

Yet, many people are not aware that beyond the food we consume, certain everyday items we use around the house also have expiry dates!

From the house slippers you use daily to your little one’s car seat, it is common practice to only buy new items to replace our worn-out old ones.

However, this is not only unhygienic, it can actually harm us. So, here is a list of things around your house you may not know has a use-by date!

1. Towel

Even with frequent washing, you should get new towels every one to three years as towels are often damp and are susceptible to growth of bacteria.

2. Toothbrushes

Most of us probably don’t use our toothbrushes for an extended period of time, but we actually need to throw these out every three months to prevent gum damage. Also, if you’ve fallen ill, replace the toothbrush, so you won’t risk catching the disease again.

3. Sponge

Change sponges every two weeks. This is because sponges are usually soaked with water, making it a suitable place for fungus and mould to thrive.

Infographic: Syahirah Maszaid

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