Driving to Legoland, Nusajaya, Malaysia, can be a fun holiday if you plan, says dad Terence Lim.

DAD SAYS Legoland, bagus

Including the checks at the customs, a drive from Singapore to Legoland in Nusajaya, Malaysia takes at most an hour. And it's a theme park — it has toys, rides and is packed with loads of fun! Here are Terence Lim’s tips to make it a fuss-free getaway.

Hire a driver

Before the trip, we did our research — the drive to Legoland is not long and the route is foolproof and relatively safe. But we also chanced upon a Malaysian company, sgmytaxi.com, that offers door-to-door chauffeur services. A trip from any place in Singapore to the major sights in Johor Bahru in a seven-seater MPV costs a flat S$100, which you pay at the end of the journey (no wire transfer or worries that it’s a scam). Booked via e-mail, the operator will text you the driver’s details the night before, and you’re good to go. It was $200 well spent (to and fro) because my wife and I could entertain my daughter, who was fussing during a traffic jam at the Second Link. Imagine having to drive and entertain the princess at the same time...

Going organic?

If you're one of those parents who advocate eating healthy and/or organic products, my advice is to pack it. There is no organic food available in Legoland or the next-door Mall of Medini. Food options ranging from fast food to mid-market options aplenty, but if your children need to be fed free-range roast chicken with organic alfalfa sprouts and chia-seed focaccia, forget it.

Food jam

On the topic of food, a 3D2N package at Legoland comes with complimentary breakfast buffet. If your previous holidays saw your family whiling your time away, nibbling waffles with berries compote by the swimming pool, think again. Especially during peak season, “fast, fast, fast” is the mantra to eat by as Bricks Family Restaurant was always jam-packed. While wait staff were pleasant and willing to serve, getting their attention was a challenge because of the human traffic. My advice: Eat a mini croissant every three minutes or a bowl of porridge in five minutes, fill yourself up and get out!

Planning activities

Besides the free-but-fast breakfast buffet, a package also includes two day-tickets to the theme park and water park. So, plan the itinerary around the children's meal and nap times. I didn't want my children out in the sun for too long, so we only went to the water park one morning. The rest of the time was spent at Legoland itself, with all the rides and activities. The water park in essence is an upsized swimming pool with slides.

Terence Lim, dad to Ryan, 6, and Cheryl, 1.5.