Love yourself, mum

Don’t forget to pay attention to yourself after your sweetie arrives. Here are ways to get your groove back.

Parents-Love yourself, mum

You’ll know when you’re ready for your new-mum comeback, and we all make it happen in different ways. You may want to get back into shape or concentrate on de-stressing, being more positive or getting involved in the world beyond your baby again. If you’re wondering how you can find the time when it’s still a challenge to fit in your daily shower, don’t worry — when you feel ready, it is possible…

The positive-thinking trick

Who Mums who love parenthood, but find it more of a struggle than they expected.
What A way to become more positive every day. In his book, Hardwiring Happiness, Dr Rick Hanson explains how you can retrain your brain to focus on good experiences.
How Our brains have evolved to focus on bad experiences to protect us from danger, Dr Hanson says. “It’s not enough to think positively. To stop negative thoughts sticking to your memory, you need to embed positive ones in your psyche.”

How to do it
Follow this four-step process to help the good stuff to stick.

1. Pick a positive thing that happened today
Something simple like cuddling your baby or enjoying a good meal.

2. Enrich this experience
Focus on it for a few moments — remind yourself of the taste, smell or feel.

3. Absorb it to cement it fully
Visualise the experience sinking into your mind.

4. Link positive thoughts with negative ones
If you just try to banish bad thoughts, they’ll come back later. Instead, acknowledge that when good things happen, bad experiences may be around the corner — you just need to make less time for them.

The get-fit plan

Who New mums and mums with toddlers who want to ditch the post-baby wobble and tone up.
What A four- to six-week fitness regimen, by Inspire Mum & Baby’s gym instructor, Linda Tan. Call 6348-7881 to enquire.
How Gym sessions, in small class sizes, are structured for both working and nonworking mothers. The workout routine focuses on plenty of stretching and muscle toning. Starts with a basic workout before progressing on to advanced moves.

How to do it
Several basic exercises mums can expect to do at Inspire Mum & Baby gym sessions are:
1. Lie down on your back and bend your knees, inhale and straighten one leg until it’s parallel to the floor; exhale and bend back the knee to its starting position. Repeat with the other leg to complete one set. Do eight sets of these exercises.

2. Lying on the floor with both knees bent, straighten one leg up to the ceiling and draw a circle both clockwise and anti-clockwise with your leg. Repeat with other leg.

3. Resting your back against a wall, get into a squatting position. Tilt your pelvis and draw your navel towards the wall. Challenge yourself by doing this exercise with one leg extended out.