11 great ways to save money on baby stuff

Eager to scrimp? Follow our practical money-saving ideas to raise your little one within your budget.


When you’re expecting a brand-new addition to your family, you’ll understandably be over the moon. But before you give into your maternal urges to buy every cute baby item out there, hold your horses.

You might want to curb spending frivolously as your baby will outgrow his gear in no time. Don’t forget, too, that raising a child will cost you a big chunk of change! Of course, savvy mothers like mum of two Loo Po Li take a waste-not-want-not approach to spending, even when it comes to raising her kids.

That said, even the most disciplined parents will find it challenging to stick to one’s budget, especially since we want the want the best for our kids and array of choices available is too tempting.

Don’t worry, we have prepared nifity money-saving ideas, so that you can navigate your parenting journey without breaking the bank.

1. Don’t be anxious 

You may think that it is necessary to splurge on a complete set of nursing gear, such as the breastfeeding equipment and nursing clothes. The truth is, you don’t really need the whole works, yet. Shop around for a basic set of breast pumps, while a couple of nursing bras should suffice as you will be spending most of your time at home in the first few weeks. Also, even if you do venture out, most malls have nursing rooms.

Join a community of mothers in your neighbourhood for support and with whom you can trade things with.

2. Embrace pre-loved items

You might think that bubba needs a completely new wardrobe, nursery gear and toys. Yet hand-me-down togs may be more suitable for baby’s sensitive skin. Shares mother-of-three Cassandra Yue, “I happily accepted pre-loved items from friends. When we needed to travel to temperate countries, I visited second-hand shops for winter clothing or borrowed from friends.”

3. Network with other mothers

Join a community of mothers in your neighbourhood for support and with whom you can trade things with ― this not only helps to save the earth, it keeps you connected socially. Loo, who is in a group of mothers who often visit the park near her condominium, has received used clothes as well as a double baby stroller from other mums. She uses the tandem buggy for her elder daughter and younger son when she needs to run errands. To buy big-ticket items such as a high chair, she even subscribes to newsletters to find out where free events such as flea markets or garage sales are taking place.