Mumpreneurs Race and Rhonda Wong: It’s intense juggling baby and work

These business-minded new mums are determined to help people find dream homes without any hassle.

Sisters and tech-savvy new mothers Rhonda, 31, and Race Wong, 34, started property app Ohmyhome in September 2016. The app, which fills a much-needed gap in the local real estate market, allows HDB property owners to buy, sell or rent, without relying on a real estate agent.

The ambitious duo admit that launching a startup was not (and still isn’t) an easy task, especially when you are juggling pregnancy and babies. Rhonda has a 7-months-old son Ashton, while Race’s daughter, Cara, just turned 2 months. Juggling newborns and a business in its infancy sounds very demanding, but entrepreneurship is their blood ― their dad also owns a business.

SmartParents speaks to the new mums to find out how they are coping and if they have any advice to offer budding mumpreneurs

Hi ladies, tell us more about Ohmyhome

Rhonda: Ohmyhome connects HDB home-searchers to home-owners directly ― free. Basically, it’s a real estate platform and a licenced real estate agency which lets users buy, sell or rent HDB flats on their own without any hassle. All listings are genuine, non-duplicate and easy to browse. Users can ask for free-of-charge assistance over the Ohmyhome hotline anytime they need.

Race: For people who prefer a human touch, we have a team of highly experienced in-house agents. The services provided by our team of agents are at a hugely discounted fixed rate. For someone who wants to sell his HDB, the full-fledged service only costs $2,888, payable only upon successful completion of the sale. Through this fixed rate services, we have helped Singaporeans save more than $400,000 to date. We also have a partnership programme for external agents to tap into our database for free. The reason for this partnership programme is to minimise the probability of our users being harassed by any salesperson.

Why only concentrate on the HDB market?

Rhonda: Over 80 per cent of us live in an HDB flat ― the building blocks of our nation. We believe in bringing quality service and education to the most important segment of the market. We’ve no plans to make Ohmyhome available to the private property market, though we pay a lot of attention to our users as they’re the ones we are serving. If we receive strong requests for the private market then it would be something worth considering.


“It’s SO important to have a partner who enjoys raising your child together, it makes it all the more magical.”


What has been the feedback since its launch in Sept 2016?

Rhonda: It has been very positive. Our users like that it’s simple, saves them time and money, and at the same time they have also given us great comments to improve on. We have users who have found a buyer in as quickly as two days! The app started with zero listings. Growing from zero to the first 100 listings was the most tedious because without listings there wouldn’t be buyers or tenants using our app. Likewise, when Ohmyhome was unknown and there weren’t a huge database of buyers and tenants, some home owners were reluctant to adopt the new app. We gave out flyers, went door to door and did cold calling to introduce our app. Fortunately, it didn’t take people too long to know that this is a fantastic app and that the best part is that it’s also free.

What would you say are some of the weaknesses of Ohmyhome?

Rhonda: Right now the platform is only in English language, which wouldn’t be friendly to users of other languages. Also, if you don’t have a smartphone, then you can’t download the app and access the listings. However, we still have our website and hotline that can assist everyone. The other weakness, which can also be our strength, is that our sole focus is the HDB community.

How would you describe the current property market in Singapore?

Rhonda: People are looking for savings where possible, and also to use their own knowledge, combined with the abundance of transparent information available on the internet, in making their own investment decisions. We see a trend in property investors doing their own research, making their own calculated decisions and facilitating property transactions on their own, especially in the HDB sector. In the past, one relied on an agent for information, today, many use an agent to confirm that their research is accurate. Our educated smart nation is capable of doing their own property transactions ― we see a rapidly increasing pool of such users on Ohmyhome.