Mother’s Day Special: Meet these mummy bloggers!

We got cosy with six mummy bloggers who are celebrating this Mother’s day with a brand new baby!


Through the countless sleepless nights, never-ending milk feeds and diaper changes, many new mums turn to the Internet for help, comfort and support, or just the knowledge that someone, somewhere, is going through the same thing.

Enter mummy bloggers. These mums document their own birth stories, ups and downs and survival tips on their online journals. They share a small part of their lives with other mums who might be able to relate in some way or other.
So, this Mother’s Day, we’re chatting with five mummy bloggers who will be celebrating their special day with their SG50 baby.

Summer Goh, 33, is a stay-at-home mum to Asher, 4 months, Ariel, 3, and Angel, 6. She blogs at


Despite having no helper, Summer is still able to find the time to blog as it gives her joy and a sense of satisfaction. She blogs about DIY crafts, her experiences as a mum and “all things happy!” she grins.

“My kids are my best motivation — I can't even start to describe how precious their growing-up years are. There are so many things that I wish to remember and so many stories that I want to tell them when they are older,” says Summer.

As a mum to three, the most challenging thing about motherhood is having to divide time between her children. She thinks of motherhood like a roller-coaster ride – “Whether you see it as a fun-filled, rewarding and thrilling journey, or a scary, back-breaking and arduous one, it's all up to you,” she ponders.

While there are challenges, there are also bound to be rewards. Summer loves that her children make her feel like the most important person in the world by showering her with love, hugs and kisses every day and when she gets to witness their every milestone.

Instead of gifts or grandeur this Mother’s Day, she hopes for a happy and healthy family, and perhaps a meal with her children, parents and in-laws.

“To make my kids respect, cherish and love their mum, I must first do so myself and show my heartfelt gratitude to the people who brought us into this world,” she smiles.