MUM SAYS 6 lessons my kids taught me

As parents, we always think we know better, but Jenny Tai has learned great lessons from her little girl, Chloe…

1) Don’t hold grudges

I must confess that I let my daughter fall off the bed when she was a baby. We’d fallen asleep shortly after I nursed her; I awoke to a loud thud followed by Chloe’s howls as she rolled on the floor. Thankfully, her injuries weren’t severe, though she did have a goose egg on her head I still feel horribly guilty about. Chloe took just 10 minutes to get over her spill before returning to her usual smiling self.

            If someone allowed me to fall from a height, I’d definitely be grumpy. In fact, I’d remind the other person the next time we had an argument, saying, “Remember that time you dropped me on my head?”

2) True love is unconditional

When I was still dating, I used to keep score of who gave more, initiated more and loved more. It may have been my way of protecting myself from getting the short end of the stick.

            But kids love freely. They don’t withhold affection. If Chloe wants a hug, she climbs on my lap, kisses me and holds my hand without ever wondering, “Am I too needy?” She makes me realise it’s not at all complicated.


3) Creativity rules

To Chloe, everything is a toy. When I give her a cardboard box, she transforms it into a house, ticketing booth, theatre for her stuffed animals, and a myriad other things. A paper bag isn’t just a paper bag, it’s a brief case. “I’m going to work, Mummy!” she tells me before toddling around our house with her “brief case”, so that she can “make money to buy milk”.