MUM SAYS I flew solo with three kids

Read what happens when a mum handles three kids under age 5 on her own during a 12 hour-long flight…

“Earlier this year, I had the experience of my life. I took my three young kids on a flight from London to Singapore — alone.

          My husband, Eugene, has a job in London, and we’d been living there as a family of five for the last three years. My youngest baby, Megan, who is 9 months old, was born there, and we wanted her to make her maiden trip to Singapore so we could introduce her to the family.

          Years ago, Eugene and I decided that should an overseas stint come our way, we would give it a go. It would be something memorable for us to look back on when we were older. When the opportunity finally presented itself as a job in London, we’d jumped at it.

          Since then, we had returned to Singapore for a visit every year-and-a-half. The previous flight we’d taken to Singapore was in 2014; Eugene and I had flown with our older two kids, Gillian, now 3, and Ryan, now 5. It wasn’t too difficult when the ratio of adults to kids was 1:1. If you ask me, that should be the “functional ratio” when it comes to travelling with children.

I was more worried about the aspects that I could not control.”

          Fast forward to 2016, and we now have three kids. As Eugene was unable to take that much time off work, I decided to make the trip with the children first, and he would join us later.

          I opted for an evening flight that stretched through the night. I prayed really hard for safety. Sure, a solo flight with three kids was hard work, but that was something I could prepare myself for. But I was more worried about the aspects that I could not control, things like a terror attack at the airport or on the plane.

          I had three large suitcases I needed to bring with us. Each weighed about 28kg. We also had a foldable stroller with us, and Gillian, Ryan and I carried a backpack each.

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