MUM SAYS My kids are thriving in preschool!

Attending school is a load of fun and gains for her two kids, says stay-at-home mum Liang May.

Liang May
​“My second pregnancy was not at all smooth sailing, so whoever said that it would only get better, lied. I was four months pregnant then with Faye and my son Ewan was 18 months old.

Thanks to morning sickness, I was vomiting, dizzy, fatigued and my appetite was poor. I lay down on my sofa or bed most of the time while using eye power to watch my toddler self-entertain his days away.

When things did not get better after the first trimester, my husband and family urged me to send Ewan to a preschool where he would be better taken care of. Naturally, I was offended!

What do you mean? You think I am not equipped to care for my own child? I cast that suggestion aside just as fiercely as I‘d tossed out the proposal to hire an in-house helper.

It was such a stressful decision, especially when I received messages from different people on a daily basis ― my mother-in-law, cousins, my girlfriend, dad, husband, even aunts. They’d say,

“May, ah, send Ewan to school already. And hire a maid. You need this. You cannot do this alone.” Yes, I can ― I’ll show you I can!

We found one that we really liked ― it has a huge open compound for free play…and very energetic teachers.

Then, one day, my gynaecologist ordered me to have as much bed rest as possible, so as not to risk a miscarriage. I was leaking amniotic fluid by the day. I was crushed as I had to send Ewan to school. It was no longer a choice. Since it was just two weeks to January 2014, I could put Ewan in playgroup in the New Year.

So, I succumbed to the idea and started scouting around for a preschool for my son. Two weeks ― seriously? Which pre-school would have a slot for him? As if the stars were aligned, we found one that we really liked ― it has a huge open compound for free play, no white boards in the playgroup classroom and very energetic teachers. And they had one last spot in playgroup for the January intake.

No, it was not cheap. However, considering that we only had to cater to one child’s expenses, my husband felt that he could well afford it. We opted for the half-day childcare option because I needed to see my child more than just a few hours before he went to bed at night.

My pregnancy took a turn for the worse in the last trimester. Just before Faye was born ― I was admitted to hospital for total bed rest for and could not even leave my bed for a toilet visit. As I was ordered to lie down for 30 days ― there was no way I could be a mother to Ewan over that period. So, we had to put Ewan on full-day childcare. Because of the switch, his childcare fees jumped by about $600. With a new baby on the way, I had to do something to lower the cost.

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