MUM SAYS Proximity is important in a preschool

There may be many factors to consider when picking a preschool, but for Cindy Gan, convenience trumps them all.

“As a mother, we dream to strike a work-life balance ― to have time for our family and other relationships, yet set aside time to nurture ourselves.

As we are on this parenthood journey, we understand the importance of making ideal childcare arrangements. So, if you’re planning to start a family, don’t forget to make childcare plans, too!

I remember when we were pregnant with Vera, learning about our pregnancy was a huge joy! But when reality set in, we had to be pragmatic and think about other factors: One key question surfaced ― who could we entrust our baby with while my husband and I were at work?

Although I craved to spend time with both my children, the stay-at-home mum route is not really for me. Not very motherly, am I?

“Caring for children is no easy feat, so we needed to place our daughter with someone we could trust for our own peace of mind!”

With one option down, we next considered asking healthy and willing family members to care for Vera during the work week. Caring for children is no easy feat, so we needed to place our daughter with someone we could trust for our own peace of mind!

The best person would be my mum, except that she has a job. So, I was really blessed that she agreed to help. It’s not easy to look after a child single-handedly, so thankfully, my mum’s helper did the chores, allowing my mum to bond with Vera or to take a breather. As for us, since we knew our baby was in good hands, we went to work without worrying endlessly. Still, when she started complaining that her aged bones and muscles had aches and pain, we knew mum would probably not be a long-term childcare option.

So, when we were pregnant with Leroy, our hope that she’d be able to help care for both kids flickered. True enough, mum waved the white flag during my third trimester, so we had to work out an alternative plan. As much as it felt like the flame had blown out, I also knew that we had been living on borrowed time ― mum needed her own life back, since she had been helping with Vera for close to two years, something I’m full of gratitude for.

As mum had always worked, her sisters had cared for my sister and me when we were little. So, it must have taken mum a leap of faith and plenty of courage to tackle childcare duties as a grandmother. I knew it was only fair that she should spend her time the way she wanted and that was to return to work.

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