MUM SAYS Take model-worthy shots of your kids

Instagrammer @mayo923 has the most stylin’ shots of her son. Learn how!

Kids-MUM SAYS Take model-worthy shots of your kids (1) 1. Start by showing your kid the clothes that he/she is going to wear. Talk about how you would want them to pose for it in a fun and candid manner. This is important as it sets the tone and mood for the actual photoshoot.

2. If need be, find images on the Internet or magazines and show them that this is how you would want them to pose. Talk them through it.

3. After trying out the planned shots, let them have a free rein in posing. Play their favourite music if you need that extra oomph in their poses — that’s when they are the most natural and happiest (and it will show!).

4. Snap non-stop. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get good shots with every click. Take tens or even hundreds of pics and then edit down to the few that you want.

5. Reward your child with a dessert of their choice. Be it gummy sweets, chocolate or ice cream. Indulge in a little guilty pleasure to end the shoot. It makes them want to do even better the next time! But always keep the rewards simple because you wouldn't want to have to buy them new toys all the time. That would be spoiling them...

May Ong, 41, mother to Ryan, 5, and Ryo, 14 months.