Dan Lai, dad to Samantha, 2, and Rebecca, 5, pens a heartfelt letter to his wife, Karen, a stay-at-home-mum.

To Karen, my beloved wife,

We first met 17 years ago and have been married for eight years with three children (two on this Earth and one who is now in heaven,). You stood by me through my “A” levels, National Service, varsity life and career-building moments. You’ve accompanied me to face all the challenges that tried to break us or bring us down.

I realise how you’ve grown from a young girl to a mum when every single day for the past six years, you sacrifice the most important thing to you ― undisturbed sleep. Nor have you ever once complained, which is simply remarkable.

I am grateful for your generous love towards me, my parents, grandma and siblings. The food you prepare and birthday cakes you bake for us fill us with deep appreciation. Thank you for your gentleness and understanding, especially when the differences in our family backgrounds and upbringing become obvious.

I see that you are tired, yet you still continue to give whatever is left of your energy to me when I return from work.

Even when we quarrel, you are always ready to listen to my views. Thank you for often taking the first step, especially when it is difficult to let go of our egoism.

We may never reach the same standards of tidiness and cleanliness. Indeed, I am tidy but not always clean, while you are usually untidy but always clean! But I am always thankful that you are willing to meet me halfway, and you’ve even trained our children in this respect.

I am privileged to be raising our children with you. Thank you for choosing to be a stay-at-home mum, so that you’ll be closely involved in Rebecca’s and Samantha’s early years ― for wanting to nourish them with the best milk and breastfeeding them on demand for more than two years each. I salute you. It’s all the more amazing, since you are often exhausted from preparing meals and doing the chores, yet you do not deprive them of this precious bonding time.

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