Pack great lunch bentos for your kids

Your kids will love their packed lunches and the kawaii cuteness they can eat!

Shirley Wong poses with her Panda rice and salmon bento.
Shirley Wong — aka Little Miss Bento at

Shirley Wong, 31, aka Little Miss Bento, began packing lunch because, “I didn’t like the food that was being sold out there!” So, she thought, why not make it cute? The rest is history.

            Encouraged by her husband, her colleagues and her fans (more than 7,700 of them on Facebook), Wong wakes up at 5.30am daily to create those special treasure boxes. It takes her about an hour, she says, and she snaps pictures of her bentos for her blog that's “a catalogue of my work!”

            Inspiration — from pop culture to what’s in the news — hits this creative lass anywhere. For instance, she has even created one that features lead characters from the hit animated movie, Frozen. She also assembled one featuring the British royal family when Prince George was born last year.

            She uses basic ingredients like rice and seaweed, fresh vegetables and eggs. One thing she doesn’t use, however, is cheese, because it’s just not practical to work with this dairy product in our weather. And it helps to make sure your containers are microwaveable if you plan to heat up your meal before chowing down.

            The hardest part of making such beautiful food? “Trying to find the right balance between nutrition and making it look good,” she says. “People also tell me that my food looks too nice to eat!” she chuckles.

            Here, she demonstrates three lunch bentos you could make for your little one!