10 awesome things about being married

While it’s not sunshine and roses every day, saying “I do” has some mind-blowing benefits.

While Hollywood is more notorious for bad break ups (Brangelina, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard) than blissful unions, there are couples have bucked the Hollywood trend and gone the distance, marriage-wise.

One such A-list couple are Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Married for almost three decades and parents of two boys, Hanks, 60, says his love for his missus has only deepened over the years and that, “she makes me laugh harder now than she did in 1986”.

Wilson, 60, revealed in an interview that her battle with breast cancer only made their union stronger than ever. “I was so amazed, so blown away by the care my husband gave me,” she was quoted as saying.

Love may be a many splendoured thing, but marriage gives you a deeper understanding of what it really means. However, matrimony is hard work, especially when kids become part of the mix.

But if you have a spouse who takes their wedding vows seriously and is raring to tough it out with you, then your union will feel like paradise. Here are 10 reasons why it rocks to get hitched!


#1. You have a date for everything

Remember the days when you had to hunt down someone to accompany you to a movie or concert, or go shopping? Well, you no longer need to do that now that you have a significant other. Feel like checking out a new restaurant? Just send your spouse a quick WhatsApp text or give him a call to ask what time the reservation should be. Better still, discuss it over dinner at home, it’s you he comes home to every night, after all. When you’re married, you’ve got a date for life! 

#2. Having a cuddle buddy

“I love that I don’t have to sleep alone anymore and have someone next to me in bed to keep me warm,” says Sindhu Rathakrishnan, a mother of two girls. Cuddles make everything better ― especially after a long day at work or with the kids, or both! Nothing feels better than crawling into bed at the end of the day for a serious snuggle session with your sweetheart. By the way, when you’re married you have round-the-clock, unlimited access to cuddles. You can get one while watching TV together on the sofa, when watching a movie or even when one of you is doing the dishes. “I love it when my husband hugs me out of nowhere, sometimes I’m rummaging through the fridge and he comes over and gives me a great big bear hug, so sweet!” enthuses Rita Ng. 

“I love that I don’t have to sleep alone anymore and have someone next to me in bed to keep me warm.”

#3. You’re always with someone you like  

You decided to get married because your spouse is, well, the mostest. So, it’s safe to say that you really like this person and enjoy being around them. When you tied the knot, you get to be with them all the time ― how cool is that! Even on days when you’re both not seeing eye-to-eye, what keeps the marriage going is that you remember the qualities that make him or her special to you.

#4. You have inside jokes and memories only both of you are privy to

Spending so much of time together means making priceless memories only both of you will ever remember. Your first vacation together, the first time you woke up next to each other, the first night at home with a newborn…these are moments that will last you a lifetime. They are also the ones you’ll both revisit throughout your marriage and speak about fondly. Make sure you’re snapping as many pictures as possible along the way, too, it’ll jog your memory when you’re both old and grey. 

#5. You have someone to share your thoughts, dreams and frustrations

It’s very important to have genuine and reliable friends, even after you’re married. They are there to offer sympathetic counsel when you need to vent on your marriage woes because let’s admit it, not every day will be smooth sailing. However, only a husband or a wife will drop everything they are doing to lend their spouse a listening ear. They are the ones who remember something you said in passing and remind you of it when the time is right. They are also the ones you can be completely vulnerable with and allow yourself to let off some steam. The best part? They will never judge you for it.