Many famous figures bestow bizarre attention-grabbing names on their children, but these monikers take it to a whole new level! ​​​​​​​

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When you’re a celeb you can pretty much get away with anything ― even when it comes to giving a kooky name to your offspring.

Just take reality star Kim Kardashian, 37, and rapper Kanye West’s, 40, daughter North West, 4, as an example. Sounds like her parents picked her name from Google maps ― if she’s an ordinary kid, she’d likely be the butt of cruel jokes. But since she’s a celebrity offspring, her name was greeted with fanfare, as was her baby brother’s, Saint West. 

There’s no denying that celebrities, both local and international, love seizing attention and buzz. And, sometimes, they do so through their kids. Scroll through the photo gallery to find out which celeb mini-mes have the most bizarre names.

#1 Zed

After years of trying for a baby, local power couple Fann Wong, 46, and Christopher Lee, 46, were ecstatic about welcoming a baby ― on Singapore’s National Day no less! What nobody was prepared for was his name ― Zed. The proud parents Instagrammed a picture the day he was born (9 August 2014) which they captioned “Daddy and mummy felt indescribable happiness when we saw you. Our family is now even more complete”. However, they’ve never elaborated on the inspiration behind the moniker, although some speculate it could be a modern twist on a classic name like Zack. (Photo: Fann Wong Instagram)


#2 Dash

While some parents joke about naming their child after a superhero, former Mediacorp actress Ivy Lee, 44, upped the ante and actually did so! Back in 2005, when she gave birth to twin boys, the Star Search winner decided to name one Nik (normal enough), and the other… wait for it… Dash. Yep, after the lightning-fast superhero kid from the much-loved animated feature The Incredibles. One can only wonder if mum has aspirations for her mini-me to become a world record-breaking sprinter like Usain Bolt. Guess only time will tell if he manages to live up to her dreams. No pressure, Dash!  (Photo: Ivy Lee Instagram)

#3 Way

Local personalities Evelyn Tan, 41, and husband Darren Lim, 45, have four kids, but only three of them have relatively normal names ― Kristen, 12, Jairus, 10, and Elliott, 3. Baby number three, Way, 8, managed to earn himself a mighty interesting name, if we do say so ourselves. Evelyn explained in 2010 that she and her husband decided on it because “God is the Way.” Hmmm, perhaps homeschooling their kids is a good idea. Otherwise, imagine the taunting from her classmates: “No way, Way!” or “Way, are you on the way?”. Yes, kids can be really cruel. (Photo: Strait Times)

#4 Ritz and Regent

Local filmmaker Jack Neo, 57, obviously has big, glitzy dreams for his offspring. In a nod to his showbiz background, the father of four (three boys and a girl) decided to name his first two sons after luxury hotels. Ritz, 23, and Regent, 18, seem like regular boys next door, just like their down-to-earth celeb dad, but one thing’s for sure ― with glitzy names like theirs, it’s going to be hard keeping up with the Neo bros. (Photo: Ritz Neo Instagram/Regent Neo Instagram)

#5 Maksonn

Perhaps local comedian, Mark Lee, 49, has a problem remembering important dates and names. So, just to stay on the safe side, he decided to name his firstborn, and only son, Maksonn. We’re guessing it’s meant to sound cooler than what he’d originally intended it to ― “Mark’s son”? Or perhaps just an updated version of the classic Jackson. Whatever the case, no excuses for ever forgetting your son’s name, Mr Lee! (Photo: Mark Lee Instagram)

#6 Beckham and Kynaston

We get why Mediacorp actress Pan Ling Ling, 47, named her first son after international football sensation David Beckham. The veteran actress has been very open about her adoration for the sportsman. In fact, she even orchestrated a meeting between her son, Beckham, 18, and his namesake when the British celebrity was in town in 2014 ― the perks of having a celeb mum indeed! However, what we don’t get (and some can’t pronounce) is her second boy’s name, Kynaston (keh-nes-ton), 15. The name, which has roots in Old English, does sound dignified though, and apparently means “royal peace settlement”. (Photo: Pan Ling Ling Instagram)

#7 Petal Blossom, Daisy Boo, River Rocket, Buddy Bear and Poppy Honey

When it comes to naming his kids, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, 42, has obviously taken the unconventional route. First of all, all five kids have two names, because according to Oliver’s wife, Jools, the proud parents couldn’t decide on which one of the two they liked better for each kid. As for the inspiration behind all of their peculiar-sounding monikers (one of which came from a My Little Pony doll), the parents tell haters ― “It’s none of your business!”. (Photo: The Sun)

#8 Heiress Harris

Should 1-year-old Heiress ever wonder the inspiration behind her name, all she has to do is look at her daddy, rapper T I, 37, and remember that she’s the “heiress” to his multi-million dollar fortune. Not that she’ll ever get a chance to forget her fame and fortune though, judging from how the little lady celebrated her first birthday which was an over-the-top Disney-themed bash. Held at an upscale venue, usually reserved for weddings, the star-studded party even had Minnie, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck on its guest list. (Photo:  People)

#9 Jermajesty

J is obviously singer Jermaine Jackson’s favourite letter. Not only does his first and last name start with that letter, but his first three kids are also named Jaafar, 20, Jourdynn, 28, and Jeremy, 30. So, when it came to baby number four, picking a name starting with his all-time fave letter was a no-brainer. But to be honest, nobody could have seen the name, Jermajesty, coming from a kilometre away. It did happen though, and young Jermajesty Jackson, 17, probably fits in very well with his “royal” cousins ― Prince II, 15, Paris, 19, and Prince, 20 ― offspring of Jermaine’s youngest bro, better known as the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. (Photo: The Daily Mail)

#10 Rocket Zot

When Australian celebrity Lara Bingle, 30, and her actor husband Sam Worthington, 41, announced their baby boy’s name back in 2015, the media frenzy was unbelievable. According to Bingle, their son, little Rocket Zot, was named after her late father, Zot, who had died of cancer. However, everyone on social media had their own take on the matter. Some even asked if the name was a reject from the Kardashian baby name book! (Photo: The Daily Mail)

#11 Zuma Nesta Rock, Kingston and Apollo Bowie Flynn

While the inspiration behind some unusual names is hard to figure out, others usually make a little more sense ― even if they are still a mouthful. Just take singers and ex-couple Gwen Stefani, 48, and Gavin Rossdale, 52, for example. All three of their sons have unusual names, but at the same time, all have a connection to the music world that their parents come from. Nesta is reggae-star Bob Marley’s given name while Kingston is the capital of Jamaica, hometown to countless musical geniuses. And, perhaps, Bowie could have been inspired by the late music legend himself? (Photo: NY Daily News)