Parenting may sometimes seem like a thankless job, but these surprising bonuses make your sacrifices so worthwhile!

When you’re thinking about starting a family, it’s easy to come up with a laundry list of reasons why you shouldn’t. Indeed, raising a child is a lifelong and costly responsibility for you and your spouse.

Yet, having kids can also give you awesome perks. You become more patient, more mature in your thinking and also get what unconditional love means. That’s not all. We’ve rounded up some less well-known plusses you’ll like...

1) You’ll always have an excuse to skip social events

It doesn’t matter that you received the invitation to your friend’s sister’s wedding months ago, you have to ferry junior to a last-minute tuition lesson for an important upcoming exam. Never mind that it’s just spelling and dictation and junior still has another week to practise.

2) It can simplify your decision-making

From the get-go, your child’s needs come first, especially since you’re dealing with a temperamental bundle who cries at the slightest discomfort. So, before long, all your plans are at the mercy of your child’s needs, which simplifies your decision-making — somewhat. Christine Xu, 35, notes that her hubby used to complain about her indecisiveness when it came to picking where to go for a meal. “Now, if the place doesn’t have high chairs for my daughter, then it’s a no-brainer.”

In fact, just breastfeeding your bundle will help your body burn off calories.

3) You have an excuse for your messy home

If ensuring a spick and span home was never your forte, you now have a legit excuse for your messy home — blame it on your toddler. After all, it’s possible that they’ll mess up your room anyway while playing dress up!

4) You no longer need a gym membership

In fact, just breastfeeding your bundle will help your body burn off calories. Also, once your mini-me starts walking and running, their insatiable energy and curiosity will see you chasing after them all day long.

5) You have a mini-stand-up comedian at home

It’s no secret that your little angel’s giggles are infectious and you’ll do anything to hear that incredible sound again and again. Sometimes, their reactions are just as hilarious, just search YouTube for babies eating lemons for the first time. But the real fun begins when they start honing their reasoning skills, which will also leave you in stiches. Mother of one Alison Ang, 43, recounts an occasion when her 6-year-old son asked her why someone would order a head to be delivered to their home. “After questioning him, we realised he was referring to the flyer we got from a food delivery service. It read — order ahead to avoid disappointment.”



6) You no longer need an alarm clock

Your ants-in-the-pants peewees won’t let you hit the snooze button on the alarm clock, not when they want you out of bed, stat, preferably before McDonald’s hotcakes are sold out. So, you never have to worry that you won’t wake up on time. Flash forward to your tween’s school-going years, and you’ve suddenly become their trusty alarm clock.

7) Your reasoning skills are on point

Thanks to your kiddo’s ravenous appetite for knowledge and his rapidly developing personality, all that verbal sparring you’re doing is enhancing your reasoning skills. Still, there’ll still be occasions when you are at a loss for words — that’s when the trusty “I said so” comes into play.

8) The holidays and weekends are magical once more

Just the thought of seeing your mini-me’s face light up after you tell them where you’re headed for the weekend or next family vacation is reason for you to work hard to provide for them.

9) Your munchkin looks up to you all the time

You are your child’s role model and in their eyes, you are a hero/heroine who can do no wrong. They will look to you for advice and comfort and will return the favour when you’re grey and need someone to help you with your smartphone for the nth time.

You are your child’s role model and in their eyes, you are a hero/heroine who can do no wrong.

10) You enjoy free IT support at home

Speaking of mobile phones, there’ll come a day when you’ll need to depend on junior to make sense of the latest gadgets and tech. And unlike your childless pals, you won’t need to attend IT-literacy courses to learn the ropes.

11) You're free to stock up toys

Remember pestering your parents to buy the latest Hot Wheels toy car or Barbie doll? Now that you’re the one in control, you have licence to buy all the toys you’ve always yearned for ― in bulk. Simply because it’s always someone else’s birthday at your cherub’s preschool. No one has the right to stop you either.

12) You’re paid for being a parent

You’ll be able to get a cash gift of $8,000 for your first and second child and $10,000 for your third and subsequent child as part of the Ministry of Social and Family Development’s baby bonus scheme. Your child will also get $6,000 in their Child Development Account — which you can use to offset their healthcare and preschool expenses. You’ll also get more paid days-off from work as compared to your single and available colleagues. Some of these annual leave entitlements include: Maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption leave, shared parental leave and childcare leave.

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