Fellas, here are easy ways to score points with the missus!

6 ways to show you love your wife

The easy part is falling in love and saying “I Do”. What takes a lot more work is the “living happily ever after” bit. And husbands, since minor tweaks in your approach, attitude and actions will make a big difference in your marriage, here’s how you can make your significant other smile.

1. Make her feel attractive
As a woman’s body goes through a lot during pregnancy and childbirth, remind her that she’s still beautiful to you.

2. Ask her what she needs

It’s very difficult for new mothers to ask for help, so give her every the support — within reason, of course.

3. Ask lots of questions

Everyone has a different idea of parenting because we all come from different backgrounds and families, notes marriage and family therapist Dr Hana Ra Adams. Explore her experiences and share your own, you can stay connected in this process and learn from each other.

4. Help out as much as you can

A recent University of Alberta study found that when men chipped in with the chores, couples had better and more frequent sex. But this shouldn’t be your only incentive — helping your wife with diaper changes and night-time duty shows her that you’re in this together.

5. Limit judgment

New mums experience enough self-doubt, in addition to being inundated with opinions from friends, other parents and the media, so don’t add yours to the chorus she already hears. If you have any concerns, share these with your wife without pinpointing things she has done “wrong”. Work with her to make positive changes.

6. Give encouragement and support

She’s worrying constantly and feeling very uncertain of herself — keep assuring her that she’s doing a great job.

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