9 signs you’re a feminist dad

What you’re doing helps your daughter become a strong, confident and kick-ass woman who’s ready to take on the world.


To some, the term “feminist” evokes negative visions of “bra-burning” females. Yet, Oxford Dictionary defines “feminism” as taking action to make equality of the sexes a reality. 

While gender bias and discrimination still exist today, celebrity dads of daughters like Channing Tatum and Ryan Reynolds have shone the spotlight on what it means to be  feminist dad.

Of course, former US President Barack Obama is arguably the most notable feminist dad of all. He even penned an essay on feminism and said it’s absolutely men’s responsibility to fight sexism. He wrote in Glamour magazine, “We need to keep changing the attitude that teaches men to feel threatened by the presence and success of women.”

As fathers, you are duty bound to help your daughters realise their fullest potential. And as a feminist dad, you’re showing your sons exactly how to respect and treat women.

Teaching her to think and make responsible decisions on her own ensures that she becomes a resourceful individual, not a damsel in distress.

Incidentally, being a feminist father may not come naturally to you. Even Obama admitted that he became more aware of gender disparities and injustices because he has two girls. Indeed, becoming a father who believes that women should have equal rights and opportunities as men is often a learned experience. So, what makes you one?

1) Tell your daughter she’s capable of achieving things, like everyone else A fulfilling life for your princess isn’t about waiting for a guy to gallop up and sweep her off her feet. But rather, inspiring her to work hard for what she desires and deserves enables her to achieve her own goals. And when she does, don’t demean her achievements by comparing it to her brother or someone else’s — celebrate it and give her credit where it’s due. This same rule applies to your wife: Her achievements — personal and professional — are as important as yours.

2) You don’t mind having “tea” with your daughter’s stuffed animals Even if it means putting on purple eyeshadow, pink nail polish, and slapping on a tiara, you’re more than happy to be her playmate of choice. And while you’re at it, mummy will snap a gazillion photos and you couldn’t care less about where the pictures end up.

3) You boost your daughter’s independence by actually giving her independence Review your actions and see if you’re overprotecting your daughter or mollycoddling her because she’s a girl. For instance, not letting her stay out too late because she’s a girl. Teaching her to think and make responsible decisions on her own ensures that she becomes a resourceful individual, not a damsel in distress. Remember, your daughter’s never going to learn how to fend for herself if she’s denied the chance to make simple decisions on her own.