It’s the little things that count when it comes to finding your way into your kid’s heart…

9 things your kids need from you

As parents, we strive to give our kids the life we never had. We put good food on the table, so that our kiddos grow up strong and healthy. We slave away in the office, so that they can live in comfort.

And no matter how good your intentions are, these put pressure on precious family time. Truth is, these acts of love actually matter less than the small things you do for and with him. So make sure, in his formative years, to set aside time for activities that can have a lasting impact on their memories:

1. Talk to them about your day Talking about your day won’t just prep them for the working world, they might just get interested in the work you do. Just because you are the one bringing home the bacon doesn’t mean you get a free pass from the “No smartphone” rule, either. The best conversations you’ll have with junior are the ones where you are mentally and physically present.

2. Tuck your kids to bed Reading them a story or singing a song — no matter how out of tune you may sound — is a cosy bedtime routine they will remember. It also sets the stage for them to do the same when they become parents.

3. Sit and talk with junior, one-to-one Spending individual time is just as important as doing things together as a family. You are letting your child know that he is as valued as his sibling. If having a heart-to-heart conversation is difficult, then start by setting aside time to do an activity together ― just the two of you.

4. Share stories about your growing years Were you the class clown or a respected prefect? Opening up about how you were like in school allows junior to see another side to you. Sharing the story behind how you met your spouse will also guide them when it’s their turn to pick their own life partner.

Truth is, these acts of love actually matter less than the small things you do for and with him.

5. Be silly Dress up and step into the world of pretend play with your tot or whip out your phone and take tons of silly pictures with your kiddo. An ability to laugh at your imperfections will build your child’s confidence. The message is simple: Love the skin and body you’re in!

6. Make time to head out Simply getting rid of or minimising screen time isn’t going to help your child develop healthier habits. So, spend time outdoors hiking, running, even building sandcastles on the beach ― these won’t just help him stay fit, his mental well-being will get a boost, too.

7. Give them a say in picking family activities Get feedback from junior on what type of activities to experience as a family. Not only do you want them to anticipate the next family adventure with excitement, you want to ensure that everyone gets the most out of these bonding activities.

8. Enjoy a show together (with snacks) Who could resist chilling out with snacks while watching Netflix? Encourage your kiddo to pick a show for your next family movie night. This way, he gets to watch whatever he wants and you’ll keep up with what your tweens are into. Win-win!

9. Leave a special note for him Pen words of encouragement or advice for your kid and hide them in different places like his school bag or lunchbox. These will be a constant reminder of your love and support for him.

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