Celeb mum Kelly Latimer: Being a mother is super tough

The TV host and fitness enthusiast shares the ins and outs of mothering her 10-month-old cutie.

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You’ve seen this fresh-faced beauty hosting various sports programmes, including the recent 2017 SEA Games, but 30-year-old British-Chinese TV host Kelly Latimer recently ran a “marathon” of sorts in her journey to motherhood.

While her pregnancy was smooth, Latimer, who is married to Justin Loi, 31, a project manager, says that her delivery was a “bit of a nightmare”.

“I went from wanting no drugs, doing a water birth and staying calm and zen, to trying all the drugs and ending up with an emergency C-section!”, she chortles. “I did get in the water for all of two contractions though… What a joke!”

“I missed her terribly, but I enjoyed doing the work and I wouldn’t change how I’ve done it.”

What happened was that while her waters had broken, she was still experiencing no contractions. Twelve hours later, she was induced, but she went from no contractions to intense contractions every two minutes.

“I held out for 12 hours of that, before I asked for an epidural! Six hours after that, I was still only 7.5cm dilated and my cervix was swollen,” she recalls.

By the time Latimer’s gynae suggested a C-section, she reveals, “I was so shattered and all I wanted was to have my baby safely in my arms, that I said ‘yes’.”

Some 15 minutes (and a 3.9kg baby later), Latimer met her little girl, Sienna, for the first time.

Now that Sienna is 10 months old, Latimer says that she’s enjoying the balance that her hosting work provides, since she is able to spend time with her family.

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Still, she recently spent a total five weeks away from Sienna for work, shooting Photo Face Off and the SEA Games, which “wasn’t easy”. “I missed her terribly, but I enjoyed doing the work and I wouldn’t change how I’ve done it.”

She adds that she’ll probably take accept more event hosting and less travel gigs, so that she can spend time with Sienna now, as “she’s a bit older and more acutely aware of her absence”.

Between her busy schedule and looking after her mini-me, she fills us in on her parenting journey so far.

Thanks for talking to us, Kelly ― tell us about your cutie!
Sienna is approaching 10 months now! Where has the time gone?! She’s quite the little poser. From early on, she knew exactly where the camera was and would always flash a smile. She’s rather stubborn… I mean determined ― just like me! She’s also a regular little social butterfly. She’ll go to anyone, just as long as my husband and I are within eyesight. She’s a smiley baby ― I love that about her. I live for her laughs and giggles.