OPEN LETTER To my middle child

A mum of three writes a heartfelt letter to her middle child.


To Sean my middle child,

For so many reasons, I’ve always thought of you as my ‘special child’. Now that you’re 5 years old, you’re such a quirky, feisty little bundle of energy. You still love your one-on-one snuggles with me and your buddy-time with daddy, whether it’s playing outdoors or watching cartoons on TV.

You get into plenty of fights with both your brothers, and although some of them end in tears, most end in laughter and hugs.

I remember when you were born, your big brother was 2 and pretty much a mini-tornado speeding his way around everything. On the other hand, you were such a “low maintenance” baby who hardly cried.

You were the baby of the family, with your long lashes, chubby cheeks and adorable thigh rolls that we simply couldn’t get enough of. For two short years, we thought of you as the littlest. Your big brother doted on you, and we loved how you completed our family.

As you started to crawl and then walk, you always seemed to be tagging alongside your big brother, following in his footsteps, trying to do things that he can do better than you simply because he’s older and bigger.

“Little did we know that your time as the baby of the family was short-lived.”

I’m sorry that you may always be compared to him, but I’ll have you know (as I secretly whisper into your ear at night), that there are many things you surpass him at.

When your kor kor was a baby, we had to rock him in our arms for close to an hour before he fell asleep. You, on the other hand, were happy to just lie in your cot after your milk feed, and drift off to dreamland.

As first-time parents, we fretted over your kor kor’s toilet training, but you took to it like a champ. You took one look at what your brother was doing in the bathroom, thought, “easy peasy”, and just followed suit.

We didn’t think much of it then, but we’re really thankful you were such an easy baby, because, little did we know that your time as the baby of the family was short-lived.

When we found out that we were expecting your little brother, we already had our hands full with two kids under 2