Readers contributed great money-saving ideas… have you any to share?

Save a buck — mums’ top tips

Tara, 28, mum to Bethany, 10 weeks.
“I use baby oil to remove my eye makeup. It’s cheap and gentle on my eyes and skin.”

Christine, 38, mum to Sylvie, 1, and Shannen, 3.
“Send an SMS to all your mummy mates to check if they have baby items they don’t need anymore like cots, breast pumps and strollers, books, toys and clothes. Using hand-me-downs not only cuts your costs, your pals will be only too happy to de-clutter their homes. You’ll save the environment, too!”

Lisa, 26, mum to Samuel, 18 months.
“Get rid of spots by dabbing a little witch hazel or calamine lotion on them before going to bed — you can buy both from the pharmacy and they work as well as more expensive products.“

Emma, 30, mum to Jack, 7 weeks, and Josh, 4.
“Try not to drive with a full tank of petrol as it weighs down your car and ‘eats’ up fuel really quickly.”

Jessica, 26, mum to Hazel, 7 months.
“When there is a sale, buy clothes your baby will need in six months’ time. It saves lots of money in the long run as they grow so quickly.”

Helen, 36, mum to Kayla, 3, and Kristen, 5.
“I raid the recycling bin at work for paper I can take home for my toddlers to doodle on. I haven’t bought any art paper in three years.”

Jaymie, 27, mum to Chloe, 19 weeks.
“Mix half a squirt of an expensive body lotion with half a squirt of baby lotion (or another cheap body lotion) and the expensive stuff will last twice as long. You won’t smell the baby lotion and it works just as well.”

Joyce, 37, mum to Tristan, 2, and Trent, 5.
“I stock up on gifts like books and toys during sales. It saves me money, plus I don’t need to scramble to buy a present when my boys get invited to birthday parties.”

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