Get junior out ― away from their digital doodads ― and active with playthings that’ll intensify fun under the sun…

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In a time when your mini-me would far prefer spending time on their gadget, it’s a real struggle dragging them outdoors to spend solid time together.


So, it’s no surprise that childhood obesity has been steadily climbing in Singapore. Ministry of Health figures show that 13 per cent of children in mainstream schools were overweight in 2017, up from 11 per cent in 2011. And studies show that fat kids are more likely to become overweight adults.


So, to ensure your kiddo doesn’t end up with obesity-related medical issues later in life, encourage them to take part in fun and exciting outdoor games with their siblings and friends.


The Health Promotion Board advises that waistlines will be kept in check with 20 minutes of outdoor physical activity per day. Just remind junior to slather on sunscreen before they head outdoors and drink plenty of fluids!


Scroll through our gallery of terrific outdoor toys that’ll engage junior…

MICRO Sprite Kick Scooter

PRICE $160
FROM Skateline
WHAT This sturdy Swiss-designed scooter can be folded up quickly with the quick-release lever and chrome button (located at the base of the handlebars). The two safety features will click into place when the scooter has been securely folded. Weighing about 2.7 kg, this is a lightweight and compact scooter that ensures hassle-free travel on public transport. Price includes a kickstand, so the scooter won’t turn into a tripping hazard when it’s stationary. Suitable for children aged 5 to 12.
PARENTS SAY The folding mechanism and the handlebars are easy to adjust, the large wheels make for a smooth and silent ride. Features bright and vibrant hues, important especially if junior plans to take out for a spin at night.

NERF Super Soaker Twin Tide Water Gun

PRICE $26.99
FROM Toys “R” Us
WHAT Your kiddo will emerge victorious in any water-gun battle with this bad boy in their disposal. Featuring dual water barrels that lets the user shoot twice the amount of water, the gun can also hold almost a litre of water, so you won’t need to refill it constantly.
PARENTS SAY These water guns keep Janice Tay’s three kids happily engaged outdoors, which gives the stay-at-home mum some quiet time to complete her chores.

Spalding Gold Indoor and Outdoor Basketball

FROM Lazada
WHAT The strong and sturdy material on these balls ― designed and made to meet the professional NBA players’ stringent standards ― make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. The pebbling — little dots covering the surface of the ball — gives players a better grip, which is great if junior’s a noob.
PARENTS SAY The ball offers is firm enough for indoor courts’ hardwood floors as well as on the rougher surfaces of an outdoor court. As it doesn’t bounce too high, your mini-me will enjoy better control when they are practising various dribbling techniques.

Giant Inflatable Floats

PRICE From $12.90
FROM Qoo10
WHAT These flotation devices, which come in a wide variety of designs, are a must-have when you throw a pool party for the kiddos. Choose from a Rainbow Unicorn (costs an additional $18), a juicy Watermelon slice (additional $16) or a bright rainbow-coloured Popsicle float (additional $10). Each float has a nifty feature that lets you inflate it with your hair-dryer.
PARENTS SAY Gina Tan, 34, says the unicorn float she bought motivated her 8-year-old daughter and her pals to continue attending weekly swimming lessons since they know they can spend play with it at the end of the class.

K2 Raider JR skates

PRICE $197.10
FROM Skateline
WHAT The vibration- and shock-absorbing frame on these beginner skates also lower your child’s centre of gravity, which makes it easy for them to find and retain their balance. These allow up to five different shoe size adjustments, thanks to the laces, Velcro straps and cuffs. The smallest size is between J11 and adult size 2 ― for feet measuring between 19.5cm and 22cm in length. The other two shoe sizing options are US 1 to 5 and US 4 to 8.
PARENTS SAY Father of one Dominic Tan, says he likes the adjustable size option on these skates that he bought for his 6-year-old daughter, because it gives the skates’ greater mileage. “The quality is great, they glide smoothly and are easily put on and tightened.”

Penny Style skateboard

PRICE $25.
FROM Lazada
WHAT These skateboards are much shorter in length ― unlike conventional long-board skateboards ― so, you shorter-legged child will be able to use it with ease. A long board typically measures between 30 and 44 inches (76.2cm to 11.76cm), while penny boards tend to be between 22 and 27 inches (55.88cm to 68.58cm) long. Penny boards are usually made from lightweight plastic, so that your little action terror child will be able to carry it around, unlike longer and heavier wooden versions.
PARENTS SAY The penny board is small enough to fit in his 11-year-old son’s backpack, says Joel Tang. “He routinely uses the penny board to skate from home to his tuition centre ― it is still in pretty good condition.”

Discraft Ultra-Star Frisbee

PRICE $19.90
FROM Lazada
WHAT The aerodynamic shape and contoured grip make these discs easier to throw, which means that they’ll go further than other Frisbees. Discraft is also the choice Frisbee brand of the Ultimate Players’ Association in Singapore — the official governing body of flying disc sports. This dome-shaped design means you’ll spend less time picking up the Frisbee and more time honing your skill.
PARENTS SAY Father of two sons Colin Fang says he initially didn’t think much of the Frisbee, seeing as its design, weight and size were just about the same as any ordinary Frisbee. “But what it did definitely surprised me. It didn’t fall to the ground immediately when a sudden breeze hit because of its design — the dome-shaped curve is more pronounced, which helps it stay afloat a little longer.”

B’TWIN Racing 520 Kid’s Bike

PRICE $250
FROM Decathlon
WHAT With a five-speed setting, powerful brakes and front and back suspension, this bike offers a smoother and safer ride over different terrain. Even better, accessories like the handle bell, battery-operated lights and reflectors are included. A lifetime warranty covers all bike parts ― except the tires ― and can be replaced when damaged. Made for kids from 6 to 8 years old or who are between 1.2m and 1.35m in height.
PARENTS SAY The suspensions on both front and back gives her 7-year-old son a smoother ride than the other low-cost bikes she has bought before, says Christina Ng. “Those actually gave him some lower back ache but this bike offers better support and he hasn’t been complaining of any pain or discomfort.”

Disney Princess Rainbow Jump Rope

PRICE $4.99
FROM Toys “R” Us
WHAT Skipping is a form of aerobic exercise that builds up junior’s cardiovascular health. These ropes come in wide variety of designs featuring different Disney characters from princesses to Elsa from the popular animated movie Frozen.
PARENTS SAY Alicia Chin says her 6-year-old daughter loves the pastel pink of these skipping ropes ― jumping rope has helped her spend less time playing games on the tablet.

NIKE Prestige CR7 Football

PRICE $44.99
WHAT This latest football, produced in collaboration with international football player Cristiano Ronaldo, comes with Aerotrac grooves and a textured casing, giving players better control and accuracy. Thanks to the shimmery graphic design, it’s easy for users to track on the pitch, while it’s hardy enough for extended play.
PARENTS SAY The ball holds air even after long hours of play and only requires a pump every month or so.