BUYER’S GUIDE 8 essential items for postpartum care [Photo Gallery]

Congrats on surviving labour and delivery like a champ! Now, help your body bounce back with these items!

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Despite the excitement of meeting your newest addition to your family, labour and childbirth can leave you feeling exhausted. While your body is recuperating from giving birth, you are also making the transition from a wife to a mother.

With your bundle crying for your love and attention regularly, your needs will likely fall to the way side. So, take some time to show your body and mind some tender loving care with these postpartum essentials…

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Kotex Overnight Panties

PRICE $3.50/2pc

FROM Lazada

WHAT While you won’t be getting your period anytime soon, especially if you’re nursing, you will experience some heavy bleeding for the first couple of weeks following delivery. These highly-absorbent overnight panties will give you a peace of mind even when you toss and turn in your sleep.

MUMS SAY Mother of one, Sarah Nah, 29, notes that the material of the panty is comfy and soft and is very absorbent, too. “Best of all, you can just dispose it after use, which is much better than having to wash the blood stains off your undergarments.”

Belly Bandit Bamboo Binder


FROM Pupsik

WHAT Using a post-natal belly binder can give you many benefits such as reducing the swelling and bloating caused by your body’s water retention. It also gives your back and shoulders added support to ensure you are sitting in the right posture when breastfeeding. The band can be adjusted by up to five inches so you should pick the size that corresponds to your postnatal measurements around your belly button. If you’re unsure about using a belly binder, do check with your gynae if it’s suitable for you.

MUMS SAY The binder’s material is soft and breathable, says Cheryl Chong, 31. “The stretchiness of the postnatal belt helps to hold my tummy in without feeling like it’s too tight and suffocating even after a meal.”

Pigeon Honeycomb Breast Pads

PRICE $18/84 pieces

FROM Lazada

WHAT If you’re a nursing mum, you will want to get breast pads to avoid embarrassing stains. These pads come with a special absorbent layer of polymer and a honeycomb lining to draw excess milk away from the surface and spread it evenly at the core.

MUMS SAY Mother of two, Siti Mirza, 30, shares, “It really absorbs the breast milk well and I have never experienced leaks. When it dries, the pad didn't stick to the breast so it’s easy to remove, too.” These pads are also individually wrapped, making it very convenient to use while on the go.

Pupsik Pouch Baby Sling

PRICE $45.90

FROM Pupsik

WHAT Keeping your hands free to do your chores may be necessary, but so is keeping your baby close to you. Getting a baby sling or wrap will allow you to do both of those things. The size of these slings depends on your pre-pregnancy weight and are made-to-fit so you don’t need to meddle with rings and buckles to get the right fit. The sling is also tested and certified to be strong enough to withstand weights of up to 20kg!

MUMS SAY Karen Chua, 38, says the sling is very durable - it is still in a good condition even after she has used it for each of her three sons. Chua likes that it is also easy to use — there’s no need to tug and reposition the fabric in order to ensure her infant stays snug and secure.

Beyond Bodiheat Heat Pads

PRICE $1.90/pc

FROM Guardian

WHAT It is common to feel minor aches on your body shortly after the meds have waned following delivery. Having these heat pads on hand can help soothe the pain without having to take any painkillers. Each of these heat pads can also last for up to 12 hours and includes an adhesive side.

MUMS SAY Mother of a 10-month-old daughter, Christine Tang points out it’s really handy that there’s no need to knead or shake the contents of pad to get it to heat up, you just have to expose it to the surrounding air. The 32-year-old says, “It is also non-medicated so you won’t get the usual medicated smells that come with other pain relief pads.”

Avene Eau Thermale Facial Mist

PRICE $10.10

FROM Watsons

WHAT All those sleepless nights spent looking after your newborn can leave you in need of a quick pick-me-up. This facial mist can freshen you up and help you keep cool even when you’re dealing with a fussy infant. Gentle on the skin, the thermal spring water facial mist can be used even if you have sensitive, allergic or irritated skin.

PARENTS SAY Sarah Nah says she kept a bottle of this facial mist by her bedside during her confinement period. “As I tried not to shower as far as possible, this facial spray really helped to keep my energy levels up during the day.”

Bebe Au Lait Premium Cotton Nursing Pillow

PRICE $75.00

FROM Pupsik

WHAT Nursing pillows are especially useful for first-time mums who may need a little more support while cradling their little ones in their arms during breastfeeding, reducing shoulder aches. It also comes with a waist strap to ensure the nursing pillow stays in place no matter how you move.

PARENTS SAY First-time mum, Nadya Tan, 34, says she likes the firmness of the pillow because it helped her to prop her baby’s head upwards to get a better latch. “I was also able to look into my sons eyes as he was feeding so it definitely helped us build stronger bonds.”

Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads With Witch Hazel

PRICE $12.69

FROM iHerb

WHAT Witch Hazel is a plant that has long been used to soothe and reduce the inflammation of the skin. This medicated pad also has antiseptic properties to help fight bacteria while reducing minor bleeding, making it a natural pain relief option for your haemorrhoids.

PARENTS SAY Elizabeth Woo, 36, a mother of three says it helped to reduce the tenderness she felt in her nether regions and it worked much better and faster than using the regular cold packs she has tried before.

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