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Gotta get some baby barang or some kiddy kits? We’ve checked in with the experts (you!) to sift out only the best for junior.


BUYER’S GUIDE Best stocking stuffers for toddlers that are under $10 [Photo Gallery]
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Christmas stocking stuffers are always fun – especially for little ones who love unwrapping small presents. However, it may not always be that jolly for adults who have to wrack their brains to come up with interesting items that are also small in size. Instead of resorting to a boring toothbrush or sinful sweets and chocolates, this year we bring you a list of small and simple gifts that will really make a toddler feel excited about the yuletide season. Oh, did we mention these items are all $10 or less? That got your attention didn’t it? Scroll through the photo gallery for some sweet, yet cheap stocking stuffers that’ll truly make junior’s holiday season an awesome one. Main photo: iStock ​​​​​​​

Fun stocking stuffers, that aren’t candy, but still cheap? Take our money already! Read more here.

BUYER’S GUIDE 6 items that’ll help junior ace the exams [Photo Gallery]
Kids-BUYER'S-GUIDE-6-items-that'll-help-junior-ace-the-exams-[Photo-Gallery]-MAIN (1)

Junior will need all the help out there, so that he’ll have impressive exam results. Here are several products that should put him ahead of the competition! Read more here.

BUYER'S GUIDE 8 sexy products that’ll spice things up in bed [Photo Gallery]


With these little perk-me-ups, there’s no way things will get dull under those sheets … Read more here…

BUYER’S GUIDE 9 breast pads nursing mums love

Staying dry inside your bra means feeling comfortable when you’re nursing. So, get the right breast pad to prevent leaks! Read more here… 

BUYER’S GUIDE 7 best nursing covers for breastfeeding mums 


Breastfeeding is a breeze with these stylish nursing shawls! Read more here

BUYER’S GUIDE 7 helpful pregnancy sleep aids 


Calling all mums-to-be, say so long to sleepless nights with these great gets! Read more here.

BUYER’S GUIDE Best disposable tape diapers for your baby


Get the price per piece ― and deets ― on the most comfortable and absorbent disposable tape diapers in the market. Read more here… 

BUYER’S GUIDE Best sleep sacks for babies


Sleep sacks are blankets your baby “wears”, so they’ll snooze safely without needing any bedding. We recommend nifty ones. Read more here… 

BUYER’S GUIDE 9 products to make pregnancy easier

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These pregnancy items will help you sail through those nine months. Read more here...

BUYER’S GUIDE 8 online stores that sell ethnic costumes 


Where to get traditional costumes for your cutie’s Racial Harmony Day celebration or for a fun dress-up occasion! Read more here

BUYER’S GUIDE 8 must-have accessories for family cars 

Parents--BUYER'S-GUIDE-8-must-have-accessories-for-family-cars-[Photo-Gallery]-main (1)

Perfect for long road trips or quick drives to the store, these nifty car accessories will make travelling with little ones a lot easier. Read more here

BUYER’S GUIDE Best baby high chairs 

Babies- BUYER'S GUIDE Best baby high chairs [Photo Gallery]-main (1)

Let bubba join you at the dinner table with a functional and eye-catching high chair. Read more here.

BUYER’S GUIDE Best jogging strollers for active parents 

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Turn routine exercise into a bonding opp by running with your little one! Read more here.

BUYER’S GUIDE Best lightweight strollers for Singapore

Best lightweight strollers for Singapore

Bubba and you will be the envy of everyone when you roll up in these stroll-big, fold-small rides. Read more here.

BUYER’S GUIDE Best pregnancy test kits      
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Taking that first home pregnancy test is exciting ― it’s the first sign you’re growing a baby! Try these. Read more here...  

BUYER’S GUIDE 11 swim essentials for your tot
Tots-BUYER’S-GUIDE-11-swim-essentials-for-your-tot (1)

A dip in the pool or at the beach can give you and junior some much needed respite from the heat. Help your kiddo stay safe with the right gear! Read more here… 

BUYER’S GUIDE 6 super-cool smart home gadgets
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Turn your humble abode into a smart home with these state-of-the-art home appliances.
Read more here… 

BUYER’S GUIDE 7 great sleepsuits for babies

Babies--BUYER'S-GUIDE-7-great-sleepsuits-for-babies-main (1)
Trying to figure out what is the best sleepwear for your baby? We have suggestions for you! Read more here.

BUYER’S GUIDE 8 must-have travel essentials for babies

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Travelling with a baby is no mean feat. You may worry about everything, from how to manage on the plane, to where bubba will sleep, to how to manage feeding her, even what meds to pack. But don’t let the thought of travelling with a baby intimidate you! We’ve rounded up some of the best baby gear to soothe those travel jitters. Scroll through our photo gallery to check them out!  (Photo: iStock)

Ensure your next vacay with bubba is a breeze with these travel essentials! Read more here

BUYER’S GUIDE Must-have baby sleep aids for every parent 

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Making sure that bubba clocks sufficient and quality shuteye daily will do wonders for his growing immunity ― the better his sleep, the less likely he’ll fall sick. His body will bank those precious hours of sleep to rebuild, recover and prepare itself for another day. But as all new parents will soon realise, wanting their little one to sleep and actually getting him to do so are two different issues. Worse, a sleep-deprived and cranky baby isn’t much fun to deal with, which may affect their appetite and your day. Putting a sleep routine in place helps speed your sweetie to slumberland. If your methods aren’t working, you might wish to give sleep training methods a try. Meanwhile, we have rounded up several sleep tools that should get your munchkin nodding off in a jiffy… Scroll through our image gallery to check out the products! (Photo: iStock)

Has bub’s refusal to nod off left you frantic? Try these simple tweaks to send your sweetie off to la-la-land in a snap! Read more here.

BUYER’S GUIDE 8 must-have toddler feeding tools 

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Unless bubba is on baby-led weaning ― you’re offering solid foods instead of purées — at six months, you’ll soon realise that mealtimes are going to be very different once junior reaches toddlerhood. This is the stage when your little one learns that he is his own person and loves exerting his new-found independence. With this comes the desire to be in control, especially during mealtimes. He is more intrigued with self feeding and less interested in having you spoon food into his mouth. Encourage such behaviour as it will do wonders for his self-esteem. At the same time, recognise that you’ll need fabulous feeding gets to support his self-feeding efforts.  Flip through our photo galley to know what buys to add to your shopping list today!  (Photo: iStock)

Weaning essentials that make mealtimes fun and cleanup a breeze? We have winners! Read more here

BUYER’S GUIDE Best baby swaddles 
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Swaddling is one of the best ways to help soothe your baby to fall asleep, and stay asleep. Newborns, in particular, love the feeling of being swaddled because it reminds them of the time they were in the womb. It also calms them down if they are over-stimulated, and gives them a sense of security. Since newborns still have the startle reflex, swaddling reduces the likelihood that bubba will be jerked awake. Plus, swaddling can also reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). There plenty of swaddling options out there. The most common ones are the large muslin cloths. Here’s how you wrap your baby with it: -          Place the cloth on a flat surface in a diamond shape. Fold down the top corner a little. -          Place your baby lying down, with his head on the edge that’s folded. -          Take the right corner of the muslin and wrap across your baby, over his right arm, tucking it under his left side (his left arm should be free). -          Take the bottom corner, bring it upwards and tuck it under his left shoulder. -          Take the left corner across your baby’s body and tuck it under her right side. That’s it! If you can’t seem to make it work, don’t fret. There are also “ready folded” swaddles that secure your baby with zips or velcros. Scroll through our photo gallery to pick your fave! Main photo: iStock

Get your baby sleeping well in no time – swaddle him! We’ve got some fantastic options for you. Read more here...

BUYER’S GUIDE Best family-friendly cars of 2017 
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Families come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s always a challenge to find the perfect “fam mobile” that can haul everyone and everything around ― fur kids and barang barang included. At same time, securing a comfy and safe ride is of paramount importance. Read more here… 

BUYER’S GUIDE 8 time-saving kitchen gadgets for parents Flip through our gallery or swipe left for more
Perhaps you’ve spent a long day at work or been on your feet for hours chasing your active tot. Or maybe you’re knackered from wiping dust off every surface of your home or tackling that huge load of laundry. However you spent your day, we know the last thing you want is to toil in a hot kitchen for hours making dinner…it’s not as if your screaming toddler will allow you to anyway! Yet, because you’re determined to whip up nutritious meals your finicky feeder will actually eat, you press on. Not to fret ― scroll through our photo gallery to find the best kitchen appliances that’ll help you accelerate any meal prep. Flip through our gallery to find out more!  (Photo: iStock)

If you’ve only got a small window of time to prep your meals daily, you’ll love these nifty kitchen gets that will cut your cooking time. Read more here

BUYER’S GUIDE 10 must-read books for your mini-me


Here are 10 classic children’s books that are guaranteed to make a success of your before-bedtime reading sessions with junior…plus, spark your little one’s interest in reading! Read more here

BUYER’S GUIDE Top cooler bags for pumping mums

If you’re a pump-at-work mum, you’ll need a reliable cooler bag to transport expressed breastmilk from your workplace to your home.  Check out our top picks! Read more here… 

BUYER’S GUIDE Best sensory toys for your tot


Boost your peewee’s motor and cognitive skills even as you help him explore the world around him with these sensory playthings… Read more here

BUYER’S GUIDE 6 best backpacks for junior


School is in session ― have you gotten your kiddo a bag that does a first-rate job? You know what we mean ― does his backpack keep his bits and pieces in place, while ensuring that junior doesn’t strain his back or shoulders? Read more here… 

BUYER’S GUIDE 7 terrific toothbrushes for tots


You should start brushing baby’s teeth and gums even before his milk teeth start to appear. We rounded up a few of our faves, so that you can put your little one well on the road to great dental health! Read more here...

BUYER’S GUIDE 6 effective postnatal hair loss shampoos


If your hair is falling out in clumps post-delivery, you could be experiencing postnatal hair loss, which is completely normal. Get help maintaining your mane with these hair purifiers…

Read more here

BUYER'S GUIDE 9 best role-playing toys for toddlers

Spark your tot’s imagination, plus develop his creativity and communication skills ― introduce him to a world of pretend play with these amazing toys…

Read more here… 

BUYER’S GUIDE 8 Best baby snacks

Hone your munchkin’s delicate taste buds and pincer grasp skills with these yummy and nutritious baby snacks!

Read more here

BUYER’S GUIDE Best sheet masks for busy mums 
Parents- BUYER'S GUIDE Best sheet masks for busy mums-main

From Chrissy Teigen and Adele to even Chris Pratt, every Hollywood celebrity these days is jumping on the sheet mask selfie bandwagon. These folks have just discovered what we, on this side of the hemisphere, have known for some time ― sheet masks are a godsend for any time-strapped person who yearns to give their complexion a little boost… Read more here…

BUYER’S GUIDE Best pregnancy-safe beauty buys

Even if you’re beyond exhausted, these pregnancy-safe beauty products will make you look like a million bucks!

Read more here… 

BUYER’S GUIDE 7 Best baby food pouches

Grab one of these handy good-to-go food pouches to stave off your sweetie’s hunger pangs when you’re on the move!

Read more here… 

BUYER'S GUIDE Best childproofing products to check out  Babies-BUYER’S-GUIDE-Top-products-to-babyproof-your-homeMAIN

Your tyke has an insatiable thirst to explore. Keep them away from the dangers lurking around your house with these safety products! 

Read more here…

BUYER'S GUIDE Top 10 family board games

Kids spending too much time stuck to various screens? Introduce them to card or board games for some family fun!

Read more here...

BUYER’S GUIDE Car seats for babies to tots (below 90cm) Babies-BUYERS GUIDE Baby's Car seats (below 90cm)

Protect your little one when you need to hit the road — we have both back-facing and forwards-facing car seats to check out...

Read more here...

BUYER’S GUIDE Top child car and booster seats (90–135cm) Tots-BUYERS-GUIDE-Top-child-car-and-booster-seats-(above-90cm)

Strap junior into a car seat for maximum protection (plus it can help them see outside)...

Read more here...

BUYER’S GUIDE 5 top baby video monitors BUYER’S GUIDE 5 top baby video monitors

This could shave valuable seconds off your response time if you need to leave baby's side and then something goes wrong...

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BUYER’S GUIDE Best play mats for your baby Flip through our gallery or swipe left for more

Bubba needs tummy time, so protect them from cold, hard floors with these cute and comfy mats...

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BUYER’S GUIDE 12 milk bottles mums like 12 milk bottles mums like

Looking for good milk bottles? SmartParents has collected some of the best available in Singapore...

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