Simple steps to sort your space (and life)

Clean up your spaces and empower yourself along the way!

Parents-Simple steps to sort your space (and life)

Carrying around mental or emotional clutter is known to cause high blood pressure, difficulty in breathing and muscle tension. For a healthier you, here are simple steps to help you de-clutter.


Get more productive and focused when you purge that mess in your work area!

  • Sort your desk File your papers — set aside those for recycling and trash the rest. Don’t wait till the papers pile up and crowd you out of your space.
  • Organise your computer Create your own digital filing system, so that important documents don’t get lost in the sea of files. Label files using the date first to ensure that files are sorted in chronological order.
  •  Clear your e-mail clutter Before you leave the office on Friday, clear your overflowing inbox, tackle unopened mail and make some decisions.


If you’re spending too much time looking for stuff and too little on the things that matter, make effort to create a more relaxing home for you and your family.

  • Choose one area each time to focus on If your family spends all their time in the living room, this space may require frequent upkeep. Bedrooms and study areas may not need a clean sweep as often. It’s okay to let a few things slide — your home is meant to be lived in.
  • Give everyone his or her “special” place Make sure everyone in your family is represented, even the little ones! If everyone gets a designated “spot” (stacking bin or a drawer), you won’t just find things more easily, junior is also more likely to return borrowed items!
  • Make a checklist Break up household tasks into annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily ones, then stick this list to the fridge or notice board, where it can be easily seen. Writing down what you need to do provides a proper outlet for any mental clutter.

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