The Farm Life

Want to know how farmers keep their cows happy and healthy? Read on…

Did you know the secret to getting high-quality milk is having a happy herd and strict quality control? Dairy farmers have known for generations that to be profitable, they need to raise happy, healthy cows, and part of this includes feeding their livestock with a nutritious diet.

01_Paul relaxes with his wife, Mirella and their two boys at their farm
Cattle Country

Meet Paul Schouten, 49, a third-generation farmer. Paul’s family have farmed in the area of Doorwerth, Netherlands since 1930 (that’s when his grandfather first started the farm). Paul, along with 19,224 other farmers in the Netherlands, own the Dutch dairy cooperative FrieslandCampina, which produces the Friso milk formula.

Compared to other dairy providers, FrieslandCampina has total control over the supply chain, spanning from the production of fresh milk on the farm to the final sealing of Friso tins into cartons at the manufacturing facility.

Paul says he is proud to carry on his family’s expertise in dairy farming to ensure that his herd of 250 Holstein-Friesian cows continues to provide high-quality Friso milk

A visit to his farm offers wonderful learning opportunities, especially for children living in the city, as they are able to observe how these animals live and learn how the farmer cares for his livestock.

Farm Work
05_Paul cleans up the cowshed before feeding time

A farmer’s work is never done. Most farmers work seven days a week, 12 hours every day from 6am to 6pm, and there is no annual leave or off days. Since Paul took over the 100-hectare farm from his father in 2012, his cows have been his livelihood. So, it only makes good business sense to ensure that his cows stay healthy and receive the best tender loving care possible. Special care is even extended to the quality of the soil, as it’s the starting point to producing high-quality milk.