Travelling with the family

Thrilling transport options your rugrats will relish during a vacay. 


On arriving in a new country, the very first thing you’ll probably look into is ways to move about. Transferring to the hotel from the airport? You’ll probably grab a cab. Heading out for your first meal? A leisurely walk might be the thing. Planning a day trip to a scenic attraction? Hiring a car is a great option for the day.

From tuk-tuks in Thailand and jeepneys in the Philippines, to electric trams around Melbourne City, trying different modes of transport is a novel experience for junior and will really enrich his travel memories.

Here are some unusual transport options to check out with your cutie...


Gondolas in Venice, Italy

While a gondola ride through the canals of this historic city with your significant other is the very stuff of romance, your kids will also dig a jaunt on a flat-bottom barge along a Venetian waterway. Book a ride and your gondolier will make his way through the labyrinth of canals, so that you can appreciate the palazzos and elegant architecture. Top tip: Choose a boatman who’ll be happy to interact with your children, and even serenade you all with traditional Italian songs! If you prefer the DIY route, go to Row Venice to learn basic rowing strokes and to steer like a gondolier.  


Ferry ride at Sydney Harbour, Australia

Hopping on a ferry is an excellent way to soak in the sights and atmosphere in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Different cruises at Circular Quay or Darling Harbour Terminal take you to countless attractions around the city, including the Sydney Aquarium and Taronga Zoo. You can even book a two- hour-45-min Whale Watching Cruise on an ocean catamaran that’ll take you to the mouth of the Sydney Harbour. 

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Photo: INGimage/ClickPhotos