The next time someone asks you how far along you are, let them know in terms of fruit and veg!

If you’re pregnant right now, you know how awesome it is to have a human life growing inside of you!

For the next nine months, your body and baby will be going through plenty of changes. Just the size of a poppy seed at 4 weeks, bubba will be as big as a pumpkin by the end of the third trimester. That’s a lot of growing to do!

Regular scans can only show so much of your developing foetus. To help you visualise better, we’ve complied a week-by-week comparison of your growing baby with common fruit and veg.

Dying to know how big bubba is? Scroll down to find out!

Infographic: Paulyn Ng

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Congratulations, you’re preggers! A blood test by your doctor or a more sophisticated pregnancy test kit can probably help you detect your pregnancy by now. Your foetus is as tiny as a poppy seed and may not show up in a scan. So, try and wait patiently for a couple more weeks to know for sure. For now, it’s time to get acquainted with the nausea you’re feeling, also know as morning sickness. It’s going to be lingering for a bit, unfortunately.

The ball of cells in your gestational sac is starting to grow a complex structure and take on a human form. Bubba is moving around a lot, but you won’t be able to notice it since he is only as big as a raspberry. All that growing is probably sucking up your energy levels, so expect to feel more tired than usual. Rest as much as you can and eat more fresh and healthy foods to keep your energy levels up.

You’re getting close to the end of the crucial first trimester, so the nausea should be subsiding by now. Though your foetus is still tiny ― the size of a plum — most of his internal organs are fully developed. You might even be able to catch a cool profile shot of bub on the ultrasound. Baby will start to grow even faster now, so take good care of yourself, mama!

Your little angel is now the size of an avocado. His umbilical cord is fully formed and he can hear your voice. Speak aloud to your bump as you go about your day, so that baby will learn to recognise your voice. It may seem weird at first, but you’ll get used to it. By the way, that “butterflies in your tummy” sensation you’re experiencing? That’s your little one moving inside of you.

You’re well into your second tri, which is also known as the “honeymoon period”. Your morning sickness should now be a distant memory and you should be in better spirits. Bub is as big as a banana now, taking up more space in your belly ― so your bump is more evident by now. Enjoy reaping the benefits of all those pregnancy hormonesthicker and shiner hair, strong nails and a boost in energy levels. Don’t forget to rock that bump in chic maternity wear!

As heavy as a cantaloupe, your cutie almost looks like a bona fide baby by now. Don’t expect to see a round, chubby bubby at your next scan though, because your little one cuts a lean figure at this point as he has to grow proportionately. Bubba’s brain and lungs continue to develop, while his skin is thin and translucent. You’re probably running to the loo often, since your (not so) little one is camping out on your bladder. If you have a family history of diabetes, this is the time that you will be asked to go for a glucose screening test to check for gestational diabetes, a pregnancy-related high-blood-sugar condition.

You have a small watermelon growing inside of you, so expect to feel some discomfort from your belly stretching even more. If you can’t find a position comfortable enough to let you doze off, a pregnancy pillow might come in handy. Everything’s good with bubba, though. He’s sleeping soundly as his lungs mature, his skin is becoming less translucent and his immune system gets stronger. In other words, prep work for the big entrance into the real world has begun!

Bubba is gaining weight at a rapid pace right now ― he is taking up a lot of space in your uterus, which is pushing up near your diaphragm and crowding your stomach. Approximately the size of a squash, junior should also have turned into a head-down position to get ready for delivery. He now has toenails, fingernails, and hair. You will probably be experiencing heartburn, shortness of breath and lower back pain. Try eating smaller meals more often and sleep with pillows propped up to manage the heartburn. Put your feet up as much as you can when back pain strikes, but also talk to your doctor if it persists as it could be a sign of preterm labour.

Your “honeydew melon” should be looking round and sturdy in the scans by now. His bones are continuing to strengthen and he’s prepping himself for that all-important trip down the birth canal. Don’t be surprised if you feel slight contractions from time to time. It’s probably Braxton Hicks ― your body’s way of helping you prepare for labour. Junior’s hearing is fully developed now, so chat away!

Congratulations if you’ve reached this far! Your no-so-little pumpkin should be arriving any day now. Keep your feet up and enjoy the last few moments of silence and “me time”. Baby is going to turn your life upside down once he’s arrives ― in a good way, of course!

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