10 items you should add to your hospital bag

Giving birth is such a monumental task, making sure you have these things with you should help smooth D-Day.

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Pregnancy is a fun and exciting time, but it also requires a truckload of prep. A human being is making his or her way into the world and you only have nine months to prepare for the arrival!

If you’re already well into your pregnancy, you’re probably mentally already packing your hospital bag. Essentials such as toiletries, a change of clothes and your phone charger would likely have made the list. But there are also a host of other things you can bring along that will ease your labour and make your stay in a strange environment more pleasant.

“After a 12-hour labour and three hours of pushing, all I wanted at the end of it was a warm drink and my favourite biscuits,” recalls Susan Tan, mum to Dylan, 3. “Of course, the hospital only had plain crackers and all the shops were closed because it was late at night. I had to make do, but I couldn’t stop wishing for my bikkies, as silly as it sounds.”  

Of course, your biggest comfort after a hard labour will be your baby. But these 10 things you never thought to bring along may also ease your journey to becoming a mother. Every little bit helps, after all!

If you’re planning to breastfeed, make sure your nightwear offers easy access to your boobs, because bub will be at the breast every couple of hours.

#1 Cosy nightwear

Hospital gowns are a joy to wear ― not! Although they’re soft, most of them are flimsy and held together by a string you tie at the back. After going through the ordeal of childbirth, the last thing you need is to be in is uncomfortable clothing. You will be lying in bed for the next few days, cuddling your cutie. Might as well be in clothes you’re comfortable in. Doesn’t hurt to throw on something pretty as well, since visitors will be popping by to see you and your mini-me. If you’re planning to breastfeed, make sure your nightwear offers easy access to your boobs, because bub will be at the breast every couple of hours to get his fill of the all-important colostrum your body will be producing in the first few days.

#2 Toiletries

A shower is out of the question as you won’t be able to move several hours after delivery. As the nurses will give you a towel bath on the first day, pack a light body spray and a facial mist for a quick pick-me-up. After all of childbirth’s blood, sweat and tears, you’ll be grateful for your favourite shampoo, conditioner and body wash to use in the shower asyou can then look and smell your best for your little bundle. By the way, throw in a tube of lip balm to keep your pucker hydrated as the hospital can get chilly.

#3 A sweater

Speaking of freezing cold hospital suites…don’t forget to pack a light sweater and some socks. You really want to feel as comfortable as possible during those initial days, so that you can rest well and concentrate on being a new mum.

#4 A camera

Smartphones are handy for those impromptu moments you simply must capture but why not get a fancy digital camera cum video? It’ll let you document your motherhood journey in high-quality prints and files you can save and keep for generations ― especially that first shot of you meeting your mini-me!