10 worst baby shower gift ideas

We’ve rounded up stuff new mums don’t need, unless you’re okay with her re-gifting your carefully picked pressie!

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Baby showers are a great reason to splurge on gifts that’ll show your mum-to-be friend how in tune you are with her tastes.

Indeed, a well-chosen token will help your friend tide over those emotional days and nights  spent dealing with her newborn’s tears and feeding demands. So, don’t add to her stress ― make sure these impractical gifts aren’t in your shopping cart!

1. Scented baby wash Why on earth would you want to mask that sweet baby smell? Worse, if your friend’s munchkin has a itchy skin condition like eczema, scented baby wash is a big no-no as these tend to be harsher on an infant’s delicate skin. Add gentler baby bath to your cart instead.

2. Gender-specific baby clothes It’s best to stick to gender-neutral togs, unless you are 100 per cent certain of the baby’s gender. So, steer clear of pastel blues and pinks and pick those with adorable patterns in neutral shades. While you’re at it, make sure you select a larger-sized outfit bubba can grow into.

If your friend is breastfeeding, consuming alcohol can complicate the feeding process.


3. Fussy baby clothes Sure, it’ll be great to dress that little bundle in an extravagant outfit, but trust us, your friend will probably find few occasions to do so. Also, don’t give anything that requires handwashing! A new mum barely has any time to call her own, but you expect her to do her sweetie’s laundry? Stick to simple onesies in breathable cotton with snap-button closures. 

4. Alcohol If your friend is breastfeeding, consuming alcohol can complicate the feeding process. She will need to wait two hours or more after drinking to ensure that what she’s offering her cherub isn’t tainted by alcohol. And if you think handling a hangry adult is bad, you really don’t want your pal to be at the mercy of a hangry baby…

5. Nursery wall decals Nurseries are a deeply personal space. Chances are, your friend and her other half may even have had several heated discussions over which wall art to decorate the room with. Don’t give this if you don’t want to be caught between two warring spouses — or worse, be charged with starting a war. Instead of wall decals, why not give a photo frame and crib sheets? Better yet, present them with a photo studio package, so that a pro will take their first family photos.