15 pregnancy hacks you can’t live without

Want to keep wearing your skinny jeans? Longing for a good night’s sleep? Take note of our top pregnancy pointers!

Pregnancy can be rough. You have to deal with the morning (or whole day) sickness, backache, swollen feet, and then you have sleepless nights that start even before bubba arrives.

Most of the time, you’ll need to figure your way around before you discover what’s best for you. Other times, you might just chance upon a gem of advice that will make your nine-month-long pregnancy journey that much smoother.

To ease your way, we’ve rounded up several top tips shared by experienced mums, so that you’ll keep cool, stay sane, and pass this pregnancy period with flying colours!

1. Improvise a waist band extender
Got old hair ties or a simple rubber band? Loop the band through your trouser button hole, then secure it around the button on the other side. Ta-da, your brand-new waistband extender has just given your belly a little more breathing room. Says Chiam, “This is especially useful in the first trimester when your regular jeans are getting just a little snug.”

2. Get a pregnancy pillow
Have you seen those strange looking, unusually shaped, floppy cushions in maternity stores? Scoff at them now, but once you hit the third trimester, they’ll be a godsend. Says Therese Chew, who has two kids and is expecting a third, “I went through my first pregnancy without it and my sleep really suffered. Now, even when I’m not pregnant, I love using it ― it just hugs your body in the right places, supports your backs and thighs. My quality of sleep has improved.”

This lifesaver, besides holding a few plastic bags for you to contain the nasties, should also have a toothbrush, toothpaste and an extra set clothes.

3. You already own maternity wear
With a new baby coming, you know you’ll have a lot of new expenses to cater for. Before you rush out to buy maternity wear (which you might soon outgrow), take a look at what’s in your closet. Bump-friendly pieces you may have in there include knit dresses, stretchy skirts and babydoll tops. When you’ve outgrown these, invest in a few classic maternity pieces that’ll grow with your bump and which you’ll be able to use when you’re breastfeeding your baby.

4. Prepare a puke pack
Nausea can come on quite suddenly and intensely, especially during the first trimester.  This lifesaver, besides holding a few plastic bags for you to contain the nasties, should also have a toothbrush, toothpaste and an extra set clothes. “I also packed some sachets of ginger tea, and some super lemon sweets ― these helped me feel better right away,” says Yvonne Chiam, mum to 3-week-old Noel. 

5. Keep a spray bottle with you
The heat and humidity can be quite overwhelming, especially when you’re preggers. Fill a little spray bottle (you can get it from Daiso) with cool water, then spritz some on your face whenever the heat gets too much for you to bear. You’ll get instant relief. 

Do you feel you have mummy brain? We have a solution for you ― next!