18 pregnancy moments you’ll always treasure

When you look back on the time you were growing bubba in your belly, you’d want to remember these stand-out moments.

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Despite the heartburn, backaches and constantly queasy feelings, pregnancy is an amazing time.

Some expectant mums get that pregnancy glow, others get the VIP treatment. Some have intense cravings, others just can’t wait to go out and get a whole new maternity wardrobe.

But one thing’s for sure, simply knowing that you are creating life inside you is an experience special in itself.

Here are 18 milestones in your pregnancy you will certainly want to look back on. 

1. First sign
It could have been an intense wave of nausea, feeling faint, tender boobs, or simply missing your period. Think about that moment when you first had the slightest inkling that hey… maybe you really are pregnant! Joelle Chay, who is 6 months pregnant now, remembers that it was the moment when she was sitting in her husband’s car and feeling dizzy all of a sudden. She had brushed it off at first, but when she realised later that day that she had missed her period, she took a pregnancy test and found out that she was pregnant. “I sometimes sit in the car, look at the dashboard and remember how I felt that morning – it makes me smile!” Chay adds.

2. Getting a positive test
You might have all the signs of pregnancy but still you’ll have tons of doubt in your mind till that very second the second line appears on the pregnancy test kit. Some mums even take another test (or a few more!) because they just can’t believe it. After all, it’s the very moment you confirm that there’s little human being growing inside of you!

Any discomfort will be overcome by the sheer amazement of your growing (and not to mention, active) baby.

3. Telling the husband
“I stepped out of the bathroom, positive test kit in my hand, and my husband’s face went from disbelief to shock to pure joy [when he saw it]. I’ll never forget the look on his face!” recalls Kimberly Wan, mum to Myra, 2. Whether your husband finds out at the same moment as you do, or if you decided to keep your pregnancy to yourself for a little while longer, the daddy-to-be’s emotions will be written all over his face. And yes, it’s definitely one for the books.

4. Sharing your pregnancy
Once you’ve confirmed you’re preggers, it’s time to announce it to loved ones. From grandpas and grandmas-to-be, to your BFF, you’re going to love the suspense of breaking the wonderful news to them. Make it memorable by getting an older sibling to wear a “Big Sister” tee to the next family gathering, or gifting a “Best grandad in the world” mug to your dad. Click here for more inspiration.

5. First real kick
You might have felt little flutters (like butterflies in your tummy) or queasiness earlier, but those are nothing compared to bubba’s first prod or nudge into your ribs. Rest assured though, any feelings of discomfort will be superseded by the sheer amazement of your growing (and not to mention, active) baby.

6. First ultrasound scan
Most mums would have saved each and every clipping of their baby’s ultrasound scans after every gynae visit, and rightly so. It’s the first visual proof of your baby’s existence. From the print outs alone, you’ll see how your little one has progressed from something that resembles a grain to a pear-sized bundle, and finally to a bonafide baby.

Did you want to find out your baby’s gender? What was your reaction when you did? This, and more pregnancy milestones to mark, up ahead!