24-hour eateries that’ll satisfy every pregnancy craving

Pregnant and have constant cravings? Singapore’s the best to be, thanks to its plethora of round-the-clock food options!

You’ve never really liked the smell of durian but now it’s all you can think about. And what about that late-night nudge you often find yourself giving your husband, suggesting that you go out for a quick nibble ― actually, bowl of bak chor mee chockfull vinegar and chilli.

Yes, indeed, when you gotta have it, you gotta have it. 

Food cravings, part and parcel of being pregnant, happen frequently in the first trimester, but often last through the whole pregnancy. No one really knows what your desire for certain tastes and foods are so strong, but some experts say that it boils down to the shift in hormones during pregnancy, while others say that cravings ensure that a pregnant woman gets key nutrients for the mum-to-be’s and child’s survival.

So, if you’re experiencing an unquenchable urge to chow down on a Big Mac and fries (hello, 24-hour McDonald’s drive-through!), your body could be short of sodium.

Whatever foods you have a yen for, you’ll probably be able to appease that specific hunger on anytime anywhere, even in the dead of the night. If fast food won’t cut it and only street nosh will do, we’ve rounded up several of the best 24-hour (or those that have extended operating hours) eateries you might soon find yourself making a beeline to…

1 Kensington Park Road, 6289-5379, open 24 hours daily

This popular halal-certified supper haunt is nestled in the heart of the Serangoon Gardens estate. The prata ― $1.10 for a kosong prata, $1.70 for an egg prata ― here is fresh and crisp, and if you feel like you need a protein boost, order the chicken murtabak ($9), which is packed with chunks of meat. Then, if you’re there with several buddies, share the 5-litre Teh Tarik tower, $17, since you’ll need watch your caffeine intake as you’re preggers! If you feel that getting out of the house takes too much effort, simply order in.

745 Geylang Road, 6748-3989, open 24 hours daily

This humble $1.50 bowl of tau huay is the comfort food for many an expectant mum. If you’re craving something warm and sweet, head down to Geylang for this sweet treat. The beancurd here is silky and smooth and goes perfectly with crunchy you tiao (Chinese crullers).

    126 Sims Avenue, 6746-4757, open 24 hours daily

Still in the Geylang area and feeling peckish? Stop by this nondescript Hong Kong street-styled dim sum eatery and pick your choice of dian xin from its extensive menu. There’s a constant flow of customers, which also means that the food is freshly cooked and served piping hot. A basket of siew mai goes for $3.20, while $3 will get you a comforting bowl of century egg porridge.

246b Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Garden Estate, 6455-4890, open 9am – 5am Daily
If you can’t get enough of bak chor mee, swing by Meng’s Kitchen for your favourite Teochew fix. Though parking can be a nightmare, especially during peak hour supper times, it’s well worth it. The $4 bowl of savoury goodness is packed with firm, springy noodles, minced meat, pork liver and braised mushrooms. Top this ambrosia with more chilli and vinegar ― and we’re sure you’ll soon be back for more.

#01-51 Golden Mile Complex, 5001 Beach Rd, 6297-8498, open 24 hours daily

Sweet, sour and spicy ― sounds like just what you need after a nasty bout of nausea! If you love the taste of Thai food regardless, Nana is the place to be. Located at Golden Mile Complex (the place to be if you want authentic Thai food, you can get anything from a refreshing plate of Thai mango salad ($5) to pad thai with fresh prawns ($5) if you’re feeling hungry. Wash it all down with a glass of Thai milk tea ($1.50). Yum!

Bak kut teh and nasi lemak…coming right up. We feel hungry just thinking about these dishes!