6 pregnancy power foods to eat

To keep you and your growing bump in good health, make sure to add these superfoods to your prenatal diet!

Pregnancy is a great time to adopt healthier eating habits. After all, fresh and nutritious foods aids the growth of junior’s muscle, brain and organ development. Indeed, the kind of food your wee one is exposed to during his time in your tummy helps him remain strong and continue to grow inside your tummy. 

“To ensure that baby gets optimal nourishment, eat foods that are natural on nutrients and easy on your tummy, eat sufficiently and have a well-balanced diet with adequate amounts of the necessary nutrients such as iron, calcium and DHA,” says Dr Kelly Loi, a fertility specialist and gynaecologist who runs her own practice at Health & Fertility Centre for Women. “Cut back on fat, salt and sugar, but increase the intake of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes and low-fat dairy products.”

During the first trimester, nausea may prevent you from eating well. Dr Loi recommends eating smaller meals more frequently, five to six times a day, to ensure that bubba and you get sufficient nutrients. Here are several goodies you could incorporate into your daily diet for maximum benefits. 

“To ensure that baby gets optimal nourishment, eat sufficiently and have a well- balanced diet with adequate amounts of the necessary nutrients such as iron, calcium and DHA.”

1) Dairy and fresh fruit, including juices      

What it contains All-essential calcium ― which you need three servings of daily ― so as to ensure that you and junior are in tip-top shape.

Why it’s good for your bump A glass of OJ will fill you with minerals as well as vitamin C for normal function of bones. Even better if your juices have added vitamin D, which aids calcium absorption, improves junior’s bone strength, as well as contribute to normal blood calcium levels for junior. Incorporate yoghurt to your diet if all you do is add milk to your cuppa (decafe). Mix some favourite fruit to Greek yoghurt, then drizzle some honey over for a low-cal snack that’s packed with a protein and fibre punch. 

2) Eggs

What it contains Whether you enjoy it poached, scrambled or hard boiled, eggs are a fab source of protein during your prenatal stage. The yolk contains choline (a macronutrient usually grouped within the B-complex vitamins) and vitamin D.

Why it’s good for your bump “Vitamin D support calcium absorption, while choline helps support overall mental functioning." notes Karin Reiter, a medical nutritionist at Nutritious & Delicious. Karin Reiter also adds that "this all-important nutrient, which helps form the tissue in the nervous system that aids brain development and growth, is also crucial for nerve functioning".

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