6 ways to show off your baby bump

Wise up to ways you can look (and feel) fabulous throughout this time.


Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times of your life. Your body will undergo many changes as your little bundle grows through the months, hence limiting your style options. Or so you think.

In fact, your pregnancy doesn’t have to come at the cost of your personal style. Dressing that ever-growing bump is simple as long as you follow these top tips:

1) Don’t ditch your signature look

When faced with an ever-changing body, it’s tempting to ditch everything you know. Pre-pregnancy, you might flaunt your figure in a tailored dress or a pencil skirt. Yet, a common mistake is to think that you have to ditch your signature look. “Pregnancy is not the best time to experiment with styles. If a tailored look is ‘you’, try a figure hugging jersey or go for kaftans or maxi-dresses for a looser, more relaxed look,” suggests Helen Hughes, 36,company director of Madderson London, and mum to Henry, 1 month, Holly, 2, and Olivia, 5. 

2) Shop at maternity stores

Stretching your current wardrobe (literally) as far as you could was good during the first half of your pregnancy, when your bump was smaller. But this doesn’t mean you can’t go shopping, too. To start, try fashion hotspots like Topshop and Asos Maternity, which don’t just offer of-the-moment-togs, but comfortable ones at that. There are also loads of maternity wear stores here offering versatile apparel like Mothers en Vogue.

3) Dress to suit yourself

Everyone assumes you’ll head straight for huge, shapeless pieces. No, thanks. They might look super-comfy, but they might also make you feel like you’ve surrendered your fashion identity. If you wouldn’t usually wear it, don’t try it now. Hughes points out, “Women make the mistake of buying maternity ‘uniforms’, so it is no wonder they feel they’ve entered a style rut.” Dorothy Loh, the mother of three who is behind Dote Nursingwear, advises, “There’s no need to make a sudden switch. Regardless of what you wear, merely re-think proportions — for instance, go for a longer top or a lower neckline to enhance your blossoming figure.