Choosing names for baby

Christian? Julien? Aiden? Read on if you have a shortlist of baby names but can’t quite seem to make the final call…


One of the most exciting things you’ll do during your pregnancy is to decide on a name for your little one. While it’s fun to toss suggestions back and forth with your hubby, it can also be agonising when your baby’s arrival nears and you’ve yet to agree on a name that you both like.

          Your kiddo’s name will be a defining facet of his or her identity (no pressure!), so consider all options carefully before you sign that birth certificate. Parents actually do grapple with baby-name regret — in fact, Babycenter says that 11 per cent of parents end up feeling that remorse! 


It’s tempting to pick a name that’s trending at the moment, but think about how many other parents will be doing the same. Case in the point: The recent obsession over Aiden/Jayden/Cayden/Brayden names. Now, when you walk into any classroom and call for Aiden, at least four boys will turn around to answer.

          Also, don’t feel like you’ve got to give up your favourite name just because of its current association. Most name associations are fleeting. Take Christian, for instance. You might wish to steer clear of reading Fifty Shades of Grey for a spell, but this should pass. 

Now, when you walk into any classroom and call for Aiden, at least four boys will turn around to answer.


Consider the combination of initials carefully. Penny Megan Soh is a pretty name, but not the when you see PMS on towels and luggage. Other initials to avoid include BUM, ASS as well as LOL.


Thanks to the recent popularity of double-barrelled first names such as Lily May or David James, names have become longer. An extended moniker is a great way of making your child sound unique and different without having to go “over the top” — just make sure it isn’t followed by a double-barrelled surname. Otherwise, junior will have a real tongue twister to pronounce as well as to spell! Not to mention the ugly problem of fitting the name onto a visa form…


Don’t pull a Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Their daughter North West is super-adorable, but don’t make Google Maps your go-to name selector.

Six more naming pitfalls…