Cost of giving birth in Singapore 2017 [Infographic]

The lowdown on how much you can expect to fork out when you deliver your baby in a Singapore hospital.


It’s well known that raising a child in Singapore doesn’t come cheap. Until your child gains independence ― in about 20+ years ― you will have to support him financially. Money for his food, clothes, toys, allowance and education will all come from you. That’s not all, your expenses start to mount even before your little one arrives, what with prenatal visits and kitting out your new arrival.

Delivery and hospitalisation fees itself will set you back several thousand dollars. If you choose a gynaecologist at a private hospital, or get a Caesarean section instead of giving birth naturally, this adds to your outlay!

So, make sure to plan ahead and set a budget for your hospital charges. To give you a clearer picture, we have summed up how much each hospital charges for both natural deliveries and C-sections. Scroll down to check out the figures!

Infographic: Rachel Lim

Infographic-Pregnancy-Cost-of-giving-birth-in-Singapore-2017-1 Infographic-Pregnancy-Cost-of-giving-birth-in-Singapore-2017-2 Infographic-Pregnancy-Cost-of-giving-birth-in-Singapore-2017-3 Infographic-Pregnancy-Cost-of-giving-birth-in-Singapore-2017-4 Infographic-Pregnancy-Cost-of-giving-birth-in-Singapore-2017-5 Infographic-Pregnancy-Cost-of-giving-birth-in-Singapore-2017-6 Infographic-Pregnancy-Cost-of-giving-birth-in-Singapore-2017-7

Note: All figures from the Ministry of Health’s webpage (May 2017).

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