Eat this to boost breastmilk and baby's health

Not just great during pregnancy (plus beyond), this superfood benefits babies and even men who fear infertility…


We’re not kidding, oats are really a superfood.

          We’re not talking about gooey instant oats, either, or sugar-filled instant cereal, which both highly processed and un-super. This whole-grain goodie — rolled oats and steel-cut oats — comes in many brands and many forms, some of which are organic. You can put oats in bread, muffins, cakes, even as a cereal-coating for prawns (doused in salted-egg sauce). But just what can high-fibre oats do for you?

 Boosts sperm count

Oats — as well as other whole grains — are high in manganese, one of the minerals vital for healthy testes. A shortage of manganese is linked to low sperm count and infertility, among other things.

Boosts baby-making

Oats are packed with immunity-boosting vitamins (B, E and A), as well as minerals like manganese and selenium, phosphorus, calcium and potassium. Besides enhancing your kid’s resistance to illness, calcium and potassium are also used in building his bones. Plus, one of the B vitamins — folic acid — is crucial for pregnant women as it reduces the risk of spina bifida, under-development of the brain and other disorders.

          We mentioned that oats contains lots of fibre, right? So, you’re not going to need to worry too much about getting “backed up” when you’re pregnant.

Boosts energy

Packed with slow-releasing complex carbohydrates, as well as soluble and insoluble fibre, vital B vitamins, iron and other minerals, oats are an easy way to fuel up for a long day at work. Low in Glycaemic Index, it provides a longer-lasting boost if you’re planning a big workout! And since the soluble fibre in whole oats (that is, not the instant variety) is beta-glucan, you’ll feel full for longer.

What doesn’t this superfood do? It boosts nutrition, improves your “plumbing”, and even ramps up breastmilk supply. Read on…