Girl or boy: What old wives’ tales say!

Confirming your baby’s sex is one of the most exciting times during pregnancy. Have fun with these gender-predicting methods!


For most expectant mums and dads, the 20-week scan is an exciting time, as it’s usually the day the gynae confirms the gender of the baby via an ultrasound.

But since none of these tools existed way back when, couples turned to long-held and not-so-scientific methods to predict if they were carrying a baby boy or girl. In fact, many of these “ways to tell” have been passed down over time. If you’ve come across strangers betting that you’re expecting a girl because you’re “carrying high”, you’ll know what we mean.

Some beliefs may perhaps have a little truth in them, others… Well, you could just play along in the name of fun, and take the results with a pinch of salt.

Just for you, we’ve rounded up a comprehensive list!

1.      High or low, round or sharp
Most of you expectant mums would have had the experience of an older relative or colleague closely scrutinising your bump. Well, according to “legend”, if you’re carrying a boy, your bump will be lower and pointier, or closer to the pelvis and protruding out front. If you’re carrying a girl, your bump is said to be high (perhaps right under your breast), round and wide.

2.      A “hurl” new world
Many believe that if an expectant mum does not have morning sickness in the first trimester, she’s likely to have a boy. Now, this one has some scientific basis to it. According to a study in Sweden, women who were admitted for severe morning sickness had a 55 per cent chance of delivering a girl ― it’s believed that the hormones produced when expecting a girl are more likely to make the mum feel nauseated. But we wouldn’t suggest rushing out to buy gender specific baby gear ― remember, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was hospitalised for severe morning sickness during her first pregnancy and she gave birth to Prince George!

It’s believed that the hormones produced when expecting a girl are more likely to make the mum feel nauseated.

3.      Put a ring on it
Here’s an unusual one. Some believe that you can tell the gender of your baby by tying a piece of string to your wedding ring, then lying down and dangling the ring over your belly. If the ring sways from side to side in a linear fashion, you’re having a girl. If it goes round in circles, you’re having a boy.

4.      That pregnancy glow (or not!)
Some women look great during pregnancy and some don’t ― it’s as simple as that. If people constantly come up to you to tell you how great your hair and skin look while you’re preggers, you’re probably expecting a boy! If your hair is greasy, and your skin is breaking out, the belief is that it’s a daughter who is “stealing” your beauty.

5.      The belly line
A large number of pregnant women have a dark line appearing vertically down your belly, known as linea nigra. According to lore, if the line goes all the way up beyond your belly button, you’re carrying a boy. If it stops below your belly button, you’re having a girl.

How “hormonal” you feel might be an indication of your baby’s gender… Keep on reading!