These fierce leading ladies aren’t afraid to brave the odds of going through with a potentially fatal birthing option!

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Choosing a vaginal birth after you’ve had a C-section (VBAC) can be dangerous, as you may ending up losing your life during delivery.

While only 0.5 per cent women risk suffering a uterine rupture — a tear forming at the site of your previous C-section — they may require a hysterectomy to stop the massive bleeding. Your surrounding organs, such as the bladder, also have a higher risk of getting injured in a VBAC.

Although the VBAC success rate is high, between 60 and 80 per cent, some some ob-gyns discourage the procedure because the outcomes are risky.

Still, don’t write off a VBAC just yet. Check with your gynae if you are a suitable candidate. Here are celebrity mums who’ve braved the odds, if you need inspo on this delivery option!

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Kate Winslet

Miss Titanic felt like a winner even after enduring a 14-hour VBAC labour to deliver her son, Joe, in 2003. Winslet notes in an interview with Gotham Magazine, “Fourteen hours with no drugs at all, but then I had to have an epidural because I was so tired. It was an incredible birth. It was really triumphant.”

The satisfaction of a natural birth helped to heal the guilt of having her first daughter, Mia, via emergency C-section in 2000. “I felt like a complete failure…There’s this thing amongst women that if you can handle childbirth, you can handle anything. I had never handled childbirth and I felt like in some way I couldn't enter the ‘powerful women’s club’”. (Photo: Joe Mendes Photos)

Kate Hudson

The Hollywood A-Lister was slammed by fans in September when she noted in Cosmopolitan magazine that having a C-section was the laziest thing she’d ever done in her life. She was referring to her C-section with her first son, Ryder in 2004.

The brave mama delivered her second child, Bingham (nicknamed Bing) naturally some seven years later, in 2011. Announcing the VBAC birth on Twitter, the elated baby daddy and ex-fiancé, Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy, said, “Mum was warrior, Bing popped out after four-and a half hours of intense pushing!” (Photo: Daily Mirror)

Heather Morris

The Glee star and professional dancer welcomed her second son Owen via VBAC in 2016. Morris posted on Instagram, “I can’t tell you how amazing an experience to go from a Caesarean and having a VBAC but I did it with the loving help of my husband, [doctor] and family, and of course this little guy.” Owen joins older brother Elijah, who was born via C-section in 2014. (Photo: Just Jared/Michael Williams Photography)

Anne Dudek

As if having her daughter via VBAC — a decision discouraged by her doctors — wasn’t enough, Dudek delivered her baby girl, Saskia, without any epidural! The Mad Men actress’ drug of choice was hypnosis and some help from her doula. Dudek delivered her first child, a son, Akiva, via C-section in 2008. Detailing her day-long labour on her blog, the actress confessed that she almost succumbed to another C-section, especially since bubba was overdue by four days.

Dudek shares, “I did push Saskia out, and it was one of the weirdest and most intense things I could ever imagine. I reached down and put my hands under two tiny armpits and pulled her to me, huge cheeks bright red, her little eyes darting about, my sweet love. Welcome to the world Saskia.” (Photo: Anne Dudek/Instagram)

Michelle Duggar

Michelle Duggar, star of reality show 19 Kids and Counting, has done it all — vaginal births, C-sections and multiple VBACs! The staunch Baptist delivered 17 times, twice with twins, over a period of 21½ years — averaging one birth every 15 months! Duggar had a Caesarean when she delivered twins, Jana and John-David, during her second pregnancy. Then, it was VBACs all the way till she had baby 19 (her last), Josie, in 2009. The miracle baby was delivered during an emergency C-section beause she’d arrived three months early. (Photo: TLC/19 Kids and Counting)