Dad of three Kamarulnizam Kiman recounts his nerve-wracking experience delivering his baby daughter on his own in a Grab ride.

“My wife and I visited her obstetrician Dr Lawrence Ang at Thomson Women’s Clinic (Sembawang) on 7 August ― her EDD was on 9 August. When we were there, he advised us to go to Thomson Medical Centre as soon as possible as it was likely that the baby would be coming out soon.

We left the clinic at about 2pm and went back home to get the pre-admission forms required for our delivery. But while I was searching for the forms at home and attending to my two older children, Wani was already starting to have contractions.

Though Wani was having contraction pains, we thought we could wait a bit longer as hers was a natural delivery. At about 6pm, she finally called out to me and said that we needed to get to the hospital soon. I quickly booked a Grab and assisted my now-groaning wife down to where the car was waiting at the foot of our block.

As expected, the route from Sembawang to Thomson Medical Centre was jammed, since it was peak hour. Though our Grab driver, Mr Chia, was well aware that Wani was having contractions, he was focused and calm while trying to get us to the hospital in the safest and fastest manner.

At 6.40pm, Wani’s active labour pains started to get worse. She was breathing hard and groaning loudly throughout and I could tell she was really in pain, man!. I didn’t feel scared lah, it wasn’t the first time what until her water bag broke.

However, 10 minutes later, we were still stuck in a jam along the CTE. My wife was still giving her ”painful” face and then, suddenly, the car was flooded with her blood and fluids. Since her water bag had broken, blood was just flowing all over the seats, mats and even the door... basically everywhere!

I remember saying, ‘Úncle, uncle, help, baby coming out already!’... Because my wife is really strong, she managed to push the baby out ― baby Mia’s head popped out again and honestly, I panicked so bad, man...

All I could think about was that this is so pai seh because we dirtied the uncle’s car. I don’t know why, I still thought that she could deliver our baby at the hospital.

While comforting Wani and feeling anxious, she suddenly said to me, ‘’Eh, the baby is coming out already.”

I took a peek and got a shock when I saw my baby’s head crowning!

Immediately, I put positioned my hands below my wife’s legs to try and catch our baby. As the car was still moving along the expressway, I didn’t realise I was actually pushing the baby’s head back in instead of holding onto the baby.

I remember saying, ‘Úncle, uncle, help, baby coming out already!’ My hands were all covered in blood and I don’t know what else. Because my wife is really strong, she managed to push the baby out ― baby Mia’s head popped out again and honestly, I panicked so bad, man...

At 7.03pm, I smacked my baby’s butt to ensure that she was breathing ― this is the one thing I remembered from the birthing videos I’d watched with my wife to prepare ourselves for the delivery. After that, I also knew I had to apply skin to skin contact and hold baby Mia against my chest to keep her warm and safe. Of course, by then, my clothes all covered in goo and blood!


Although the last part of the journey to the hospital took us only about 10 minutes, it was so scary because our baby’s umbilical cord was still attached! As I didn’t have anything to cut it with, it was still connected to my baby and wife but left dangling.

While cradling baby Mia, I also called Dr Lawrence Ang on the phone, who told me to be calm and reassured me that everything would be fine. He said things like ..’.hospital staff will help you once you are there, baby is already out and safe, so don’t worry.’ Though the Grab driver Mr Chia was also really ‘kan cheong’, he managed to keep his focus and got us to the hospital.

The amazing thing was that my wife was the calm one after delivery and still could take photos of me and Mia! I am just really thankful that my family is happy and healthy. I hope to share this with Mia when she is older and tease her about the time her father delivered her ‘along AMK on the CTE’.

Lessons learnt and advice for all parents-to-be

Childbirth can be really unpredictable. For us, the process just got faster with each baby. As I am planning for a fourth child, I hope it can be delivered comfortably and safely at a Thomson Medical Centre delivery suite the next time.

My advice for the husbands/family members accompanying the pregnant lady to the hospital is to read up and learn more about the delivery process. There are videos online for you to watch and learn.

As a proud father of three who delivered my third child with my own hands, I think it is important for husbands to educate and mentally prepare yourself for childbirth.

My wife, Wani, delivered two children before having baby Mia. Our first child was delivered in just under 14 hours, while our second child came out in less than an hour. On both occasions, we waited for the water bag to burst before going to the hospital.

But when the doctor tells you to go to the hospital, please go immediately!”

Wani’s thoughts

“This was the most unexpected experience of my life. I was also amazed that I remained calm in part, because of my past experience with labour pains. The car isn’t the most comfortable place to give birth but we tried to remain focused on delivering the baby.

I am impressed with my husband because when he helped deliver the baby, he smacked the bottom just like how they do in the videos. He has also been very supportive like massaging my back when I felt uncomfortable.

My advice to mothers who might face a delivery like this is to remain calm and focus on your baby. Also, remember that whatever pain you go through is worth it because when you see your baby face for the first time and hear the little cries, it is unlike any other experience…”

Kamarulnizam Kiman, and Nur Syazwani Muhammad Rosdi, the proud parents of three children aged 1 month to 10 years, live in the north of Singapore.

Photos: Kamarulnizam Kiman

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